Tips For Riding Out A Hurricane At Walt Disney World

We know that when you're on vacation it's not always possible to get out of the path of danger. Walt Disney World Resort has been a NOAA "StormReady" community since 2006, and has its own emergency operations centers, 24-hour warning capabilities, and amateur radio club. However resources can become overwhelmed when situations become dire. If you have time to prepare for your family before the storm hits, you should. For our readers gearing up to ride out a hurricane at Walt Disney World, here are a few tips to help you hunker down in your hotel.

Tips For Riding Out A Hurricane At Walt Disney WorldTips For Riding Out A Hurricane At Walt Disney World
Tips For Riding Out A Hurricane At Walt Disney WorldTips For Riding Out A Hurricane At Walt Disney World

Prepare Your Room

First things first - don't wait to prepare. The sooner you gather your supplies together the easier time you and your family will have.

Stay informed. Disney will be in communication with its resort guests in order to advise them on storm procedures. Watch for blinking lights on your phone, and notes with instructions left on your doors. While you should take responsibility for your family as best as possible in your room, use your head and don't argue with the officials offering instruction.

Monitor local radio and TV broadcasts for information regarding the storm's progress.

Close the curtains, and stay away from the windows. If for any reason the glass in the doors or windows shatters the curtains will help keep the glass from flying into the room.

Fill your bathtub with water, you may need it later.

Make sure your all of your phones and electronics are fully charged, if you have spare batteries with you, charge them as well.

Put your bug out bag and shoes by the door.

Hurricane Irma From SpaceHurricane Irma From Space

The Bug Out Bag

If conditions begin to look especially perilous, Disney will communicate evacuation procedures to guests. This may include such actions as moving into areas without windows, or even evacuating to a more secure hotel. If you have a backpack or large tote you can toss over your shoulder, pack it now as a basic "bug out" bag.

Your bug out bag should include essentials, such as critical medicine, identification, and travel documents. Put the extra batteries for your electronics, and charging cords in here as well. It's also advisable to stick a couple of snacks, portable water, and a pen & paper in there. If you are directed to evacuate the resort you will be happy you have everything important in one place already to grab and go.

If you have plastic baggies from packing your suitcase for the trip, use them to keep things inside your bug out bag dry.

NOAA Windfall Predictions For Hurricane IrmaNOAA Windfall Predictions For Hurricane Irma


The sooner you can get to that gift shop the better. Make a list, and know what you want. If you can, stocking up on those hotel hunker supplies at one of the Parks or Disney Springs it will lessen the chance of them being sold out. Hotel gift shops have smaller supplies.

If you can find a small flashlight and batteries at a gift shop, pick them up now.

This is also a good time to buy a book to read, a deck of cards, and something non-electronic to keep busy while stuck in your room.

Take some spare cash out of the ATM, they may not be operational after the storm if phone lines and electrical systems are damaged.

Food. Pick up some non-perishable food and beverage from the quick service restaurant or gift shops. Use up those Dining Plan Snack Credits. While Disney does try to keep food service operations running as best they can, knowing that you have something for sure in the room always helps.

If you didn't bring spare phone batteries with you, it may be possible for you to pick up a rechargeable, swappable FuelRod at one of the kiosks in Parks or at Disney Springs for $30. However, as with everything in an emergency situation, supplies are limited.

If you are in the path of a Hurricane, we hope that you take all the steps needed to maintain the safety and health of your family over the next few days.

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