Tips For Traveling With A Group To Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a fantastic place for girlfriend getaway, family reunions, golf weekends, conventions, weddings, and Disney fan events. However traveling with a group can pose some challenges that don't pop up when traveling alone, especially if you're the one planning things. Great communication is the key to making sure that everything runs smoothly. We've rounded up a few tips for making things run smoothly from our members that frequently travel in groups.

Tips For Traveling With A GroupTips For Traveling With A Group

Pre-Trip Planning

Before the trip, make sure that everyone who is traveling knows what's expected of them. Are you all doing everything together? Will you just happen to be traveling to the same place at the same time? Are there special events that people are expected to attend? Specific jobs that you need them to do? Before you leave make sure that everyone you're traveling with is on the same page.

Create Travel Document

A document with all the important information and group phone numbers can be a useful tool and easy to create. Basic information that everyone in the party should carry with them can include hotel name and dates of stay, group contact phone numbers, dates/time/location information for dining reservations and special events. Make sure all members of your party have a copy of the document at the start of the trip so that everyone knows where they are expected to be and when they need to be there.

Disney Travel For Conferences & MeetingsDisney Travel For Conferences & Meetings

Don't Spend Too Much Together Time

Even if the point of your trip is to spend time with friends and family it's important to have time on your own or to split off into smaller groups. There are many fun things to do at Walt Disney World, and your priorities may not be the same as those of the rest of your party. Being willing to split up means that everyone will get some time to do the things that they love most, without worrying that others aren't having fun. Many groups like to start out at the same park together and then split off into smaller groups that run into each other throughout the day.

Keep In Touch

Make sure that everyone in your party has a communications device so that you can keep in touch throughout the day. Though walkie-talkies used to be the norm, today most families are sure to bring their cell phones and chargers. AT&T is currently in the process of adding 10 new cell towers on the Walt Disney World property, so soon the coverage will be better than ever.

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Eat Together

Meeting up at meal-time is a great away for everyone to touch base after a day split off into smaller groups. There's nothing better than sitting down with people you love for a great meal. Many Disney restaurants have special seating for larger parties. The community table at Epcot's Via Napoli is an impressive.

Create Downtime

Be sure to leave some gaps in your touring strategy for a little down time, especially if you are the one organizing the group travel. A little time to do nothing on a trip can be a good thing - once you're there and in the moment you can fill the time relaxing or doing something unexpected that you think sounds fun. I've never left a gap in our group travel time that wasn't quickly filled with something important, even if it was a nap.

Disney Fan Trips & MeetsDisney Fan Trips & Meets

Have a Contact Back Up Plan

Even with scheduled meet up times and cell phones sometimes things happen that are beyond everyone's control. Be sure that you have a back up plan to let the people you are traveling with know that you're ok if you have to miss an event. A quick meet up back at the hotel at the end of the night, or checking in on the in-room phone (all Disney rooms have voice mail) are good ways to make sure you know what's been happening.

Do you have any great advice for making group travel a breeze? Leave a comment below and let us know how you keep your clan happy at Walt Disney World.

Jeanna wrote on Fri, 10/11/2013 - 15:19:

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Sometimes you just don't want to make a plan and I know I hate getting woken up by a knock at the door or a phone call on my vacation. When traveling with a large group when staying at the same hotel, we will often leave notes under the door detailing where we are. ALWAYS have an agreement that it's great to be together but it's great if you want to spend time apart. I would never travel with people who didn't understand that and wanted to be glued to my side the whole vacation. The note system works for us because you're not disturbed if you're sleeping in and you have the option to join the rest of your party or do your own thing!

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