Top 10 Spots to Take a Break When Touring Epcot

There's no denying that touring Epcot can be a losing battle for even the most seasoned Walt Disney World traveler. It's a huge theme park and even if you arrive with the most amazing touring plan in the World, you are still destined to get tired at some point during the day.

Taking a break while touring Epcot is always a good planTaking a break while touring Epcot is always a good plan

But if there's one thing Epcot has a lot of, its great places to rest, relax, refresh, and re-energize yourself so that you can make it all the way to IllumiNations without breaking down. Everyone has their favorite spots to take a short break at Epcot, including us. And so we've come up with the top 10 spots to relax while you're touring Epcot.

10. The Fountain of Nations: This is no ordinary fountain! When the Fountain of Nations was dedicated in October 1982, water from 25 bodies of water representing 29 nations was poured into the fountain. Today the fountain holds 149,000 gallons of water and every 15 minutes or so the fountain "dances" to Disney music. Grab a coffee from the nearby Fountainview Cafe (Starbucks) and take a break on a nearby bench.

What's more relaxing than a fountain?What's more relaxing than a fountain?

9. The Outpost: Located just over the bridge between China and Germany this area features the Refreshment Cool Post counter service where you can buy standard snacks including hot dogs, chips, beverages, and earlier this summer you could even find frozen soft-serve yogurt in pineapple, vanilla, or swirl! You'll find a few tables near the water here, and you can also do some shopping at the Bead Outpost and Village Traders.

8. The Land Pavilion: Sure The Land is home to Soarin', but you'll also find an ample amount of seating where you can rest your feet. I like to grab a quick bite (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack) at Sunshine Seasons and find a table in the huge seating area. Sit back, relax, and people watch. It's a good way to spend 20 minutes or so. And if you're still in need of a break, consider hopping on Living with the Land for a leisurely boat ride.

There's more than Soarin' in The Land pavilionThere's more than Soarin' in The Land pavilion

7. The Seas with Nemo and Friends: While the ride inside the Seas pavilion is amusing and is a good place to rest your feet for a bit, I like to wander up to the second level and pay a visit to the manatees. It tends to be quieter up here and it's a good place to take a short break from the crowds. Plus, the manatees are rather cute.

6. The Friendship Boats: Sometimes you just don't want to walk anymore. This is the time when you hop on a Friendship Boat water taxi and take a leisurely ride across the World Showcase Lagoon. You can catch the boat near Mexico for a journey to Germany, or you can board near Canada and travel to Morocco. The boats are a great way to take a break from the walking.

5. American Adventure Pavilion: This half-way point in the World Showcase is always a good spot to stop for a bit and take a break. Whether you're grabbing a quick service at the Liberty Inn or stopping inside the pavilion's mansion to sit on a bench and listen to the Voices of Liberty, you will find ample seating where you can rest your feet. The American Adventure attraction is also an educational 30-minute break for the whole family.

Benches, air conditioning, and great singing in the American AdventureBenches, air conditioning, and great singing in the American Adventure

4. United Kingdom Pavilion: While it's always nice to order some fish and chips from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop, sometimes finding a seat isn't so easy. But, if you head to the back of the pavilion near the gazebo where the British Revolution play you'll find a nice quiet spot (when the band isn't on stage) where you can relax. It's a good place to nosh on those fish and chips and enjoy a pint.

3. France Pavilion: One of my favorite spots to take a break regardless of how long I've been at the park is the France pavilion. The benches near the fountains outside Les Chefs de France area good spot to sit and people watch (while sipping a Grand Marnier Slush). When I need a break and some food I head to Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie for a cheese plate with a fresh baguette. There are tables inside Les Halles but I prefer to find a table or bench outside and soak in the atmosphere.

Grab a snack in the bakery and relax in FranceGrab a snack in the bakery and relax in France

2. China Pavilion:
As I mentioned in a previous article, I discovered a lovely shaded spot in the Lotus Blossom Cafe on a recent visit to Epcot. The China pavilion is one of the prettiest pavilions in Epcot and when you're sitting at the Lotus Blossom Cafe you can take in the sounds of the pavilion while gazing at the Temple of Heaven. Order the Peach Oolong Iced Tea too.

1. Japan Pavilion: After neglecting the Japan pavilion for years, I have only recently discovered the charm and quiet calm of this area and it is now my favorite place to stop and take a break. The formal garden behind the pagoda gives guests a sense of serenity with its cascading waterfalls, footbridges, and koi pond. If I find myself in need of a quick meal or snack during my Japan pavilion relaxation time there's always something good to eat at the Katsura Grill.

Japan's gardens are the top relaxation spot on our list!Japan's gardens are the top relaxation spot on our list!

There are many more great spots to relax, take a break, and recharge when visiting Epcot but we couldn't list them all. What is your favorite spot? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Kristen K. wrote on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 14:32:

Kristen K.'s picture

The American Adventure Pavilion is one of my favorite spots to take a break, and there's a huge bonus that it has climate control, so on those super hot days it's perfect to cool down.

DDixon wrote on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 18:48:

DDixon's picture

My daughters and I enjoy the leaping fountains over by the Imagination pavilion. There is shade if you are so inclined and trying to catch the water provides for a fun way to cool off.

We also really like the Fez House in Morocco. Usually a cooler spot and the girls love to hide from each other behind the columns.

Until this last trip I had never been to the upper part of the Canada pavilion. I didn't even realize there was anything up there. When we did check it out, there was quite a bit of shade and it was very quiet.

alicemouse wrote on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 19:29:

alicemouse's picture

It's not ultra-comfy, but I've been known to nap at Universe of Energy. The bench seats are a little hard, but 40 minutes of uninterrupted nap time with a soothing dinosaur roar soundtrack can't be beat!

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