Top 5 Foods on a Stick at Walt Disney World

In honor of today being National Something On a Stick Day (yes, really) we thought it would be fun to check out our top 5 choices for best food on a stick at the Walt Disney World Resort. Most of our choices are sweet, but there is one savory item that made the list!

What's your favorite food on a stick at Disney World?What's your favorite food on a stick at Disney World?

5. Hand-Dipped Corn Dog: This popular food on a stick is the only savory item that made our list. (What can we say, we love sweets!). And while we hear the corn dogs at Disneyland are AH-mazing, we know for a fact that this hand-dipped corn dog found at the Fantasy Fare Food Truck in Disney Springs is really delicious too! The hot dog is coated in crunchy and golden brown corn meal breading and while it is big enough to share, why would you want to? ;)

Hand-dipped corn dog from Fantasy Fare Food TruckHand-dipped corn dog from Fantasy Fare Food Truck

4. Lollipops:
OK, this seems like an obvious choice for a list about foods on a stick. Our favorite spot to find some classic Disney lollipops is, of course, the Main Street Confectionery. You'll find a fun assortment of giant lollipops at the sweet shop and they make a great (and sticky) treat for kids or the young-at-heart. Lollipops are also available in many merchandise spots around Disney property and they come in many shapes and sizes. They make great souvenirs too!

3. Caramel Apples: The caramel apple is quickly becoming a one of those must-have treats around Walt Disney World. Whether you're going for a holiday-themed apple, or one that resembles a character, or a regular (but so delicious) caramel apple from Karamelle-Kuche in Epcot's Germany pavilion, this is one of the best foods on a stick(in our oh-so-humble opinion)!

All of the caramel apples start with a Granny Smith apple and if the apple is going to be transformed into a Mickey or Minnie apple, marshmallow ears are attached, and then they're dipped in caramel and chocolate (if your apple has a chocolate layer). Another fun candied apple is the "poison" candy apple found during Halloween! It looks just like the poison apple the Evil Queen gave to Snow White.

Mickey Mouse Caramel Apple!Mickey Mouse Caramel Apple!

One suggestion when it comes to eating a caramel apple at Disney: ask the cast member to slice the apple for you. The cast member will slice the apple into nice, manageable slices and place them in a plastic container. That way you won't make a huge mess trying to eat it and it makes it easier to share.

2. Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar: No list of "foods on a stick" is complete without this iconic Disney treat. In fact, this ice cream bar is so beloved by fans that it made the Disney Food Blog's #OnTheList series! You'll find this frozen and chocolate covered Mickey Mouse at just about every ice cream cart around the parks. It is always on our must-eat list when we're at Disney World. There is no fuss when it comes to the Mickey Ice Cream Bar. It's just vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate. Simple and delicious!

You can't beat the Mickey Premium Ice Cream BarYou can't beat the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

1. Mickey Rice Krispy Treats: Our favorite food-on-a-stick is always and forever the Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy Treat. We love this sweet treat more than any other (well, except maybe Dole Whip but that isn't on today's list). Whether the ears are dipped in chocolate or if it's just a plain Mickey Mouse this is our go-to snack. When we have leftover snack credits at the end of our trip we use them on Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy Treats (they're a great post-vacation hangover cure)!

We aren't ashamed to admit that we've been known to eat a "plain" Mickey Mouse for breakfast! Hey, it IS made out of cereal. ;)

How do you like your Mickey Rice Krispy Treat?How do you like your Mickey Rice Krispy Treat?

The Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy Treats are available with chocolate ears, and you'll find them dipped in chocolate and topped with fun toppings including mini M&Ms, chocolate chips, or cookie crumbles. It's fun to stop by Goofy's Candy Company and create your own Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy Treat too! Like the candy apples, these treats often get a holiday makeover. This iconic snack also made the Disney Food Blog's #OnTheList series.

What is your favorite food on a stick at the Walt Disney World Resort? Let us know in the comments.

Many thanks to the Disney Food Blog for use of their photos.

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