Travel Tips for The Busy Holiday Season

Thanksgiving and the Winter Holidays are two of the most popular times of year for traveling, and however you plan on getting from your house to Disney, there are bound to be crowds and delays. We've gathered together some tips to help you prepare for getting from home to your Disney destination without too much hassle.

When Flying, Arrive At The Airport Early

Though few people get joy out of waiting around an airport, this is not the time of year to cut it close. The holiday massed will lead to unpredictable back-ups from the airport entrance roads to the, parking garages, the check-in counters and of course the long security lines. Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight is expected to leave if you're used to your travel route, however if you're new to the route, you might want to make it three. It may seem like excess, but if you miss your flight, this is a rough time of the year to find another flight.

Holiday Road

Traveling by land can have just as many headaches when navigating the packed highways during the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Traffic can back up on heavily traveled routes, adding hours of aggravation to generally quick moving trips. Be sure that you have planned your route ahead of time and travel with a GPS system, smart phone and maps. Bring along an E-ZPass or change for the tolls, and be sure to fill up the gas tank before you hit the road.

Be it a Map or GPS, Make Sure You Have Good DirectionsBe it a Map or GPS, Make Sure You Have Good Directions

Pack Smart

Aside from the crowds winter travel can also bring delays courtesy of mother nature. Whether your're packing your carry-on for a flight or the car for a drive, make sure that you have things to do, and the supplies to last even if you're delayed. Keep your prescriptions and some OTC medications with you, as well as comfort items, like a small travel pillow and light blanket. Airport and Road Stop eats can be expensive, a few bags of gummies and granola bars from your local grocery store can really go along way in saving money while you travel. If you'll be driving, don't forget to put the roadside assistance kit in the car in case of emergency.

Bring Something to Do For Yourself

Spending an extended amount of time stuck in the terminal (or in the back of a car) isn't the most exciting way to start your holiday travel. Make sure that everyone in your party has a carry-on bag with them that's well stocked with entertainment (books, music players, ipads, handheld games, coloring supplies) and inexpensive snacks brought from home. Don't forget to include headphones, chargers and cords for them too! Check out these 6 Great Gadgets To Buy Before Your Trip.

6 Great Travel Gadgets6 Great Travel Gadgets

Stay Calm

Remember to stay calm and level-headed. While making your way through public places during the most crowded time of the year can be trying at best, remember that some things are simply beyond control. Keep your party close together, make sure everyone knows the plan, however if things go awry, be polite when dealing with airline and resort employees. Customer service agents are there to help you and yelling at them will rarely get you anywhere, you're looking forward to being escorted out by security.

Having your smart-phone handy in case of delays is important too. While most people head to the customer service desk many airlines have added re-booking features on their mobile apps. Using these during times of "irregular" operations can often get you re-booked faster than waiting in line for an agent to help.

Winter Weather Can Cause Travel Delays Even in Tropical ClimatesWInter Weather Can Cause Travel Delays Even in Tropical Climates

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