What’s In A View, Choosing Your Walt Disney World Resort Room

Walt Disney World Resorts offer a wide variety of rooms to please any Guest, but choosing the right room for you can be tricky and once you know which resort you want to stay in the options don't stop there. Most Walt Disney World Hotels have a variety of different room options, some of which are categorized by view. There are views available that are perfect for the folks who just use their hotel room to sleep in, and views that are perfect for folks who want to pull back the curtains and get a glimpse of vacation paradise.

Choosing A Walt Disney World Resort RoomChoosing A Walt Disney World Resort Room

Disney's Value Resorts

Disney's Value Resorts can be the perfect choice for travelers that don't plan on spending much time in their room. Value Resorts Rooms have exterior entrances and windows look onto the exterior walkways used by Guests to get to and from their rooms, with common areas beyond. Disney's Pop Century Resort and Disney's Art of Animation are both highly popular with many seasoned Disney travelers. Most of Disney's Value Resorts only have rooms in the Standard category but some, like Pop Century, also offer a specific Pool View.

Standard View = Parking lot, pool, garden, and everything else
Pool View = Pool

Value Standard View at Disney's Art of Animation ResortValue Standard View at Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Disney's Moderate Resorts

Most of Disney's Moderate Resort Rooms have exterior entrances, and windows that look out onto the pedestrian walkway. However, the upgraded views across the walkways can be more inviting and greater themed areas between buildings promote a more private and serene setting. If one doesn't mind the possibility of other Guests looking in the window as they walk by, Water View Rooms are our top tip in great value for Guests that don't want to move up to the Deluxe category but still want a beautiful view.

Standard View = Parking lot or Landscaping
Water View = Pool, marina, lake, river

Garden View at Disney Port Orleans French QuarterGarden View at Disney Port Orleans French Quarter

Disney Deluxe Resorts

Disney's Deluxe Resorts have room entry via an interior hallway, this leaves space for private balconies and patios from which Guests can enjoy the view. For Guests who spend a fair amount of time in their room and like to enjoy all the amenities Deluxe Resorts offer widest variety of view options. Some Deluxe Resorts even offer special categories that aren't available anywhere else, such as the Theme Park and Savanna views.

Standard View = Parking lot
Garden View = Landscaping
Water View = Pool, lake or other water
Lagoon View = Seven Seas Lagoon
Theme Park View = Distant Magic Kingdom View
Savanna View Rooms = Animal Enclosures

Water View (Marina) at Disney's Grand FloridianWater View (Marina) at Disney's Grand Floridian

Specialty Views

Lagoon Views - These rooms have lovely views from private balconies of the Seven Seas Lagoon. From here guests can relax and watch the boats making their way across the water. Some, but not all, even offer a view of the Disney's Electrical Water Pageant.

Theme Park Views - These Deluxe rooms are a special category with distant views of the Magic Kingdom. Found at can be found at Disney's Contemporary Resort, Disney's Polynesian Village Resort and Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, Theme Park View Rooms are some of the most expensive upgrades just for a view. That being said, the thrill of watching the Fireworks from your private balcony with music piped in on your TV is truly magical. Our top tip - ask for a higher floor at the Contemporary Resort because at this hotel Theme Park View includes a parking lot view.

Bay Lake Tower Theme Park ViewUpper Floor Bay Lake Tower Theme Park View

Savanna Views - Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge and Villas are home to a resort room category with a view that you just can't get anywhere. The Savanna View room is a fan favorite category that is in a class by itself. The Resort's four lush savannas are home to over 200 hoofed animals and birds, and with a savanna view room you can enjoy the view from your own private balcony. Guests should note that for the health and safety of the animals, shorter daylight hours over the winter months also means fewer hours to view the animals from your balcony. Our top tip - for a better view of the animals when staying in a savanna view room be sure to request a lower floor.

A Word About Pool Views - Pool view rooms can sometimes compromise the peace and tranquility of room, subject to pool activity levels. Crowd noise from a pool can echo off the surrounding buildings and make it difficult to sleep-in during peak seasons, and even for little ones to catch an afternoon nap. Rooms with walk out patios or entry doors just off of a pool area may also be subject to increased foot traffic passing by.

3rd Floor Savanna View Room at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge3rd Floor Savanna View Room at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney's view categories will vary slightly from resort to resort, but a standard view will always be the one with the lowest price point. If you're looking to manipulate your vacation budget to either pinch-pennies, or to add a little more luxury, changing up the view is a great way to go. My personal favorite is always a lake, river, or the Seven Seas Lagoon water view room. I enjoy the tranquil waves and watching watercraft ferry travelers to and fro.

Do you love a great view or are you too busy in the Theme Parks? Leave a comment and let us know which view is your favorite.

Melissa W wrote on Tue, 01/20/2015 - 15:08:

Melissa W's picture

With the kids, we don't really need a view. We are at the parks or sleeping. Now if I was just with my husband and we would do more relaxing, I would go for a view!

Deborah Vommaro wrote on Tue, 01/20/2015 - 15:33:

Deborah Vommaro's picture

We are annual pass holders and have been to Disney many times. When we stay now, we go for view as well. At Animal Kingdom Lodge we went for view of course to maximize the experience. Since we "smell the roses" a little more now, we have graduated to places like Grand Floridian, where relaxing on the patio overlooking the castle with a glass of wine is something we look forward to. I agree, when kids a little the room is for falling over at the end of long days!

John wrote on Tue, 01/20/2015 - 16:42:

John's picture

You didnt mention "Preferred Room" it has less to do about a view and more to do with walking 20 minutes to the dining area and main pool and a 5 minute walk to the main facilities. In resorts like Carribean Beach the rooms are spread out in buildings that are far from the facilities.

Kim G wrote on Tue, 01/20/2015 - 17:23:

Kim G's picture

For us, whether we want a view depends on where we are staying. A Savanna view at Animal Kingdom Lodge is a must, but we usually just opt for Garden view at an Epcot resort because we don't care much about the Water view. For the monorail resorts, we have done both Theme Park view and not. Our absolute favorite is the Contemporary Tower with Theme Park view. Lovely to sit on the balcony with a cup of tea watching Magic Kingdom wake up!

alicemouse wrote on Wed, 01/21/2015 - 07:01:

alicemouse's picture

Great article, Kristen! The only time we ever sprang for a room with a view was at BLT and only because the standard view was sold out. I loved the lake view! I could have sat on that balcony all day. It has definitely made me more open to the idea of upgrading our view in the future!

Terri wrote on Thu, 01/22/2015 - 17:15:

Terri's picture

Thanks for the great article, I love so many of the views you listed as well as those mentioned in the comments.

This might seem silly but one of the views I love the most is the view of hourglass lake from the Pop Century 50's building. At night looking across the lake at Art of Animation resort just makes me happy

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