What's your favorite attraction/ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios? [Facebook Fans]

We asked our Walt Disney World forGrownups Facebook fans, "What's your favorite ride or attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios?"

We got some great answers so a big thank you goes out to everyone who participated! A quick breakdown of the responses shows that Tower of Terror is the overall favorite with Toy Story Mania! coming in second, and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster placing third.

The Great Movie Ride, Star Tours, and One Man's Dream all got mentions as well.

Elizabeth B. said, "It's a toss between GMR and ToT. Oh! But I also love TSMM!!"

Marilyn G. said, "Toy Story Midway Mania tied with One Man's Dream."

Lesly L. said, "Toy story and star wars."

And Theresa W. said, "Okay I guess you would have to say I am a bit old school because I adore The Great Movie ride...This is an awesome ride anytime of day but it is perfect on a hot summer afternoon when you need to get out of the heat into a nice cool attraction that last awhile."

I have to admit that I was a little shocked that Rock 'n' Roller Coaster didn't place higher, it is one of my favorite rides at Disney. But those who did vote for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster were quite passionate about it.

Cornelia C. said, "Rockin roller coaster!!!!! Love it, love it, looovvveee it! Lol!"


And I have to agree with those who voted for Toy Story Mania! it really is a fun ride.

Shannon F. said, "Toy Story. Its just so darn fun!"

Tracy H. said, " This one is easy, toy story mania!!!"

Tower of Terror dominated the voting with 9 votes. I must confess that I have never ridden Tower of Terror, no one will ever go on it with me. It has been put on my Disney to-do list though! Here is what our fans had to say about Tower of Terror:

Christine F. said, "Tower of Terror it is awesome."

Terri C. said, "Hands Down - Tower of Terror!! Especially at night!!"

And Tammy K. shared, "Tower of Terror, favorite attraction in all of WDW..."

So what is your favorite attraction or ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios? Did our Facebook fans miss any?

Lindsay wrote on Thu, 06/30/2011 - 13:46:

Lindsay's picture

Muppets! As much as I love Rock N' Roller Coaster and like Toy Story Midway Mania, I always think going to see Muppets 3D is the best value of my time. The pre-show alone is wonderful.

DisneyLvr wrote on Thu, 06/30/2011 - 14:43:

DisneyLvr's picture

I will have to agree that Toy Story Midway Mania is the best, but no one mentioned Lights, Motors, Action! I love that show :)

Nick Dakuginow wrote on Thu, 06/30/2011 - 16:38:

Nick Dakuginow's picture

My ranking list...

1. RnR
2. ToT
3. Star Tours 2
4. Toy Story Mania

FrankO wrote on Thu, 06/30/2011 - 16:55:

FrankO's picture

Tough, tough.....
1. RnR
2. ST2
3. GMR
5. One mans dream

JoAnn C wrote on Thu, 06/30/2011 - 23:45:

JoAnn C's picture

I'll add a vote to Rock 'N Roller Coaster. I did enjoy the Great Movie Ride too.

Kasey O'Connor wrote on Fri, 07/01/2011 - 01:41:

Kasey O'Connor's picture

Great responses!

JeffC wrote on Fri, 07/01/2011 - 17:20:

If I had to choose one, it's RnR - when I ride that, I am officially at My Disney!

Liz wrote on Tue, 07/26/2011 - 15:42:

Liz's picture

Tower of Terror and Toy Story Mania!!

Poppet wrote on Thu, 08/18/2011 - 16:39:

Toy Story Midway Mania!

matty cakes wrote on Wed, 09/21/2011 - 13:17:

matty cakes's picture

i have to say star tours and the muppets, we did toy story for the first time this year and with the line and the hype it was such a let down i got off the "ride" and my kids said it was just like the game we have for the wii.....and they were right, so toy story is off the list till the hype dies down to a 20 minute wait or being able to get fast passes any time of day not just am

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