Are ADR's really necessary?

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Thank you for all of the great input in here! I hope it helps out more folks than just me! It turns out I won't need to think much about ADR's at WDW for a while! We are postponing our trip as we have been blessed with a surprise pregnancy!

I'll be feeding my fix with day trips to Disneyland & CA adventure! My 3 year old is now 41" tall, so she can jump on the fun rides with me while mommy sits the bench for the next 9 months Smile I took her today for a little daddy/daughter time and she road "Soaring" as her first ever big kid ride! She's sooooo hooked now Smile


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ADR's are only important if where you want to eat is important. We used to make ADR's but not in the past 20 or 30 trips. Eating was important but not where. You can always get a good meal somewhere in WDW without ADR's.


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so true, Joe. With so many options, you really can't lose. mickey

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