Best walking shoes for WDW?

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I will echo the Sketchers Go Walk. They are light and very comfy. I bought a pair of slip on Sketchers Active yesterday....we will see how those work. I tried on the ones with memory foam and they were nice but they felt heavy after the Go Walks. I will also take my Crocs flip flops for short excursions.

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I like alternating between various pairs of shoes. My family all likes sneakers. I, well, don't. I usually wear flip flops and alternate between several pairs. Just make sure that they can get wet and you won't have a problem walking in them if you do.

As far as sneakers go, I like either Sketchers or Reebok, but buy which feels more comfortable for you. I like the sketchers because some of them have elastic over the top of the foot, so they aren't as chunky and you don't have to worry about your laces coming untied. Though I bought Reebox a few weeks ago because I sprained my ankle and the Sketchers wouldn't fit over the brace, and I must say, I do like them.


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My fiance just brought me some Nike air max, 6 months to break them in. They are super comfy though

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I know it's a bit late, as this was posted a year ago, but I wanted to give my two cents on this as well. I also tend to wear more feminine shoes, and I have found my perfect pair of Disney walking shoes. Because the weather in Florida changes so rapidly, I only wear sandals to the parks. They don't get water-logged like sneakers and they dry fast. Orthoheel sandals are my personal favorite, and I have never had a problem with them in the past. They are designed like orthopedic shoes, so they are really supportive and comfortable, but many of the styles are also really pretty and look great with dresses

This is the pair that I have.^52499171396-sku^75122+287+13+080-adType^PLA-device^c-adid^36521555437

75122_bronze.jpg868 bytes

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Travel and Leisure posted a fun article today on good walking shoes that are also stylish!

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I have rather large, hard to fit feet (12N) so I have a couple pair of tennis shoes that are broken in by the time we go, but I am one of those freaks that actually has some flip flops that are wonderful.They have a type of memory foam and at the end of the day, my legs and feet feel great. I bough my first pair at Disney (gift shop at Splash Mountain) and ever since have searched to find a pair. I also have a ((cough)) wide selection of Disney one's that are various colors and to be honest, they are really comfortable and I wear them too.


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For me it's crocs. Smile Brand NEW crocs that is. I don't get blisters.
I get the cheep crocs from 5 below they last like 2 months (maybe 3) and don't cost an arm and a leg.

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I have issues with my arches. Years of dancing, gymnastics, and playing barefoot all summer are finally catching up with me. Wearing my beloved flip flops all day is now an excruciating prospect that results from tremendous heel pain by the end of the day from my arch flattening out. A friend recommended Orthaheel to me a few years ago. I used to go through 2 pairs of the $20 nike sport flips that I loved per summer. I bought a pair of orthotic flip flops from orthaheel 2 years ago and they are still the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own and my "go to" pair when my heels are hurting. I absolutely swear by these shoes for Disney or any time. They have been taken over by some other company that starts with a "V". They're around $60/pair, which is outrageous for flip flops, but I've found them to be very durable. comfortable, and stylish enough that I'll be seen in them.

In May, I bought a pair of Oofos flips at Fit-2-Run in DTD for $35. They are super duper cushiony and soft, but they have less arch support. I alternate them with the orthaheel flips just to mix it up and extend the life of my pricier flips.


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My personal opinion is to go for Crocs. Little do many people know is that they aren't just that ugly eyesore swiss cheese looking shoe anymore. I tell people my shoes I wear almost daily are crocs, and they don't ever believe me! I love them, and they have NEVER given me trouble, apart from the "stinky feet" but I think thats my fault laugh

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I know this thread is old but I also need some advice. I am going mid November and am looking for a second pair of shoes to trade off from my Ryka water-resistant sneakers. I was thinking about Go Walks but what about temperature at that time of the year? Will my feet get cold with the Go Walks? What about Go Walks with socks??? TIA

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I've gone the last four years in mid November and the weather has mostly in the 80s. There were a few (very few) cool days. You should be fine.


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I just purchased a pair of Dr. Scholl's sneakers; they are magically light and comfy. By the time we get to the world they should be well used to my feets.

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I have diabetes, wide feet, and flat arches. This dilemma has put me on a lifelong quest for a truly comfortable shoe. My quest has ended at last ! Orthofeet shoes are remarkable! After a full day on my feet, it's like I haven't even had shoes on! My feet have never been happier!

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Anything but flip-flops!!!!!


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