Disney Vacation - Quality Vs. Quantity - Your Thoughts?

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I love the quality but given a chance to go to Disney any given day is what I love so I guess I'm a quantity girl!! I'll take Disney any way. I can get it Smile


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Right now, it's quantity over quality - to an extent. I still stay on-site, absolutely, but I use the hotel for little more than a bed and a shower. With that in mind, I've been going with a value resort versus a deluxe. No need spending 3x (or more) when I won't be on the premises that much to begin with. I don't do the DDP, because myself and the people I've traveled with thus far (my sisters) are really... peculiar eaters and it's so much cheaper for us to eat out of pocket. So far it's been about 1 ADR a trip, which is enough for me right now. And I definitely like being there for around 5 nights if I can.

But I feel like as I get older, and as I go more often (I'm looking at getting an AP for next year!), my ideals for a trip will change. Having more relaxed trips instead of running around the parks like crazy. I'm already thinking of maybe staying at a moderate or renting DVC points in the near future, and if I'm an AP I would definitely consider the TIW card which would give me more incentive to make more ADRs, so we'll see how I turn out in 3-5 years. awesome


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Kristen K. wrote:
PJsLife wrote:
I love all of the different perspectives on this thread.

Everyone has a different point of view of what is best for them.

That's one of the things that I like best about the community we've built here at WDWFG. Everyone is encouraged to enjoy Disney in a way that works best for them. There are *so* many different ways to take a Disney vacation, and they're all work for someone!

So true. Everyone is respectful and supportive of each other's vision, plans, approach, etc.

I think it's interesting, too, how that vision or desired experience can change over time, be it due to age, frequency of visits or just changing tastes. And what's really coolio is that there's a Disney suited just for any given way at any given point in time. At least for us, that's been the case.

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I just found this forum recently and I have to say I'm bummed that I didn't find it before my most recent Disney trip last May. That said - I'm so glad to have found y'all!!! stars

And might I say what a great question... this is the dilemma I face.

Unfortunately, I live far away and often don't have a quick or easy choice between quantity and quality. My limited access to Disney makes me want to say quantity, even though I love the 'quality' that comes with proximity and some the nicer Disney resorts.

This year May truly was my 'Dream Disney Vacation' that hit both quantity (10 day) and quality (Dolphin, close to parks). I met and shared a room with a friend that i hadn't seen in a few years, and we had a great reunion and gal pal week. Many of the choices made for the trip were with her idiosyncrasies in mind (her preference for quality, and i knew she would rather be close to the parks than farther away)

That said, a few years ago, i spent a few days at the less expensive resorts, and still enjoyed my experience and have traveled with and without the dining plan.

As a single adult with no kids, I must say the dining plan really doesn't seem to cost me any more or less. If I go it alone and am not meeting friends or family, Advanced Dining Reservations really aren't a big part of the plans. And quite frankly, if I'm spending hours wilting in Florida heat and humidity, I'm usually not that hungry be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Popcorn or a Pretzel, or some quick dining choices in Epcot's Norway, Morocco, or France Pavilion (or the Land) satisfy me well. I'm more likely to spend money on fruit bars and water in the parks than on a heavy meal.

As for the luxury of the hotels - I'm torn. On the one hand, I would rather spend more time in the parks and less time in the hotel, meaning that the hotel shouldn't matter ... but i found the economy Disney resorts to be far away, and if one is reliant on Disney transportation (without their own car) as I was, -I found I truly would spend all day in the parks and not really take a break or rest, only to wait a really long time (on pained and tired feet) for transportation back to the hotel at the end of the night, having to stand on a bus packed like sardines because so many folks were using transportation back to the economy resorts. Waits in the morning to the parks seemed similarly long.

While I wouldn't mind a lesser hotel, I have to say, the proximity to the parks with means of transportation a little 'less packed' and seemingly a bit more frequent, seems to be the factor for me that weighs me more heavily toward quality over quantity.

Its really nice to be able to walk to Epcot and Hollywood. More importantly, its nice not to have to wait in line for 2 or 3 full buses to leave before you are able to board to go home at the end of the night. As much as don't mind a less expensive hotel, I hate the idea that I've lost 1-2 hours in wait and transportation time (which either detracts from park time or quality rest and relaxation time).

That said, that brings up two other issues... 1) I feel as though a park hopper ticket is much more valuable when I'm at a more expensive, closer resort (as opposed to an economy resort). Because of transportation restrictions with the Disney discount resorts - I am far more likely to do 1 park 1 day - and stay at any one park the whole day. When I'm closer to the parks and have the freedom of coming and going as I please (walking, water ferry, even quicker bus transport - I am far more likely to spend the morning in Hollywood, go get a late lunch at Epcot, and spend some time on the Boardwalk or go catch one of the fireworks shows at Epcot or Hollywood in the evening.

The second issue is food options - a few years ago, I was a bit disappointed with the food choices in the discount resort food court/cafeteria. It wasn't necessarily bad, but just limited. Staying at a higher quality resort closer to the parks (especially the Epcot area) provides a wealth of food options beyond the hotel restaurants. I love having access to the shops on the Boardwalk, the multiple dining options from the local hotels. That said, I also love all of the food options in Epcot - be it for more casual dining or more formal.

Thanks. Better close now.
Sorcerer Mickey

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SorcererMickey wrote:
I just found this forum recently and I have to say I'm bummed that I didn't find it before my most recent Disney trip last May. That said - I'm so glad to have found y'all!!! stars

Well we're glad that you found us now!


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I did quantity - 14 park days, moderate hotel, dining plan. I loved it, would not have changed a thing. I spent so
Little time in the room that moderate is perfect, I also did not touch any of the 9 pools on the resort. I would go value but the dining plan really added to the quality section of my holiday.

I would like to go back in 2016 when a lot of what was closed or under construction has been finished. Although I'm aware by then other things will be gone or in the process of changing. Would do the same again, but maybe a different moderate.

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I guess I fall in the middle. I don't mind staying in value resorts but I enjoy the dining experiences Disney has to offer. I usually stay for 7 or 8 nights. This past trip was my first experience in a moderate resort. I had so much planned that I didn't have time to really enjoy the resort. If I ever stay at a moderate again, I would plan my trip so much differently.


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I'm glad we live so close so we can run back and forth in one day. I honestly think I'd get bored if I spent 10 or 12 days in one shot. When we do stay onsite, I'm quite happy with one or two nights at AKL or WL and dinner at Citricos. Much prefer that idea to a week at ASM and nothing but counter service meals.