Give me strength.....

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We are a community of enablers - and I'm quite happy that way.

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awesome mickey rolling rolling

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Oh I am so glad that I joined this forum. People think I am nuts for planning so much and making ADRs exactly 180 days out (I have a calendar reminder all ready to go this year!). I have begun to work on my spreadsheet for our October trip and have already mapped out where we want to eat this year. My Disney planning is my hobby and it keeps me sane in the face of constant insanity.
A co-worker is going the first week in March and in January told me she had not even booked a room yet. I almost fell out of my chair. eek


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We are a huge group of enablers here that totally get it. And most of us are uber planners too.

Last week I asked for 2 weeks off to go to DL again. (Last trip as October) my boss made some comment about "disney again" my comeback was well you are "golfing again" next week.

We all have our own thing. It's great that for so many of us disney is our thing.

I learned the hard way not planning our first disney trip, it was our honeymoon and we winged it, and missed out. Trips 2-5 have been much more enjoyable.
A little knowledge and pre planning are powerful things. And hey, the planning is almost as much fun as being there. mickey

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