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mrhub wrote:
I would like to do a big "Shout out" and say thank you to a very special Cast Member, "Jessi".

She went above and beyond what she would have had to do just because an old man & one of his friends in PA. wanted a 30 year anniversary hat from Epcot and I wasn't sure if they would sell out or not, or even if they would have them when I got there in November.

We have never met in person & she took time out of her personal time off to go to Epcot and get me these hats, when she could have said she was too busy, or come up with any number of excuses. She also threw in a few Food & Wine Festival Pamphlet's and 2 Passports which also made my day just to be able to look threw them since I can't be there this year for it. It was Magical enough just to get the hats the other day, but the extras made it that much more "Magical"!

Thank you again Jessi, I think Disney went up one more notch on the "Magic scale" when they hired you! Your the best, and I'm happy to call you our friend. Can't wait to meet you face to face.

She is awesome.... She has went out of her way several times to get pins for Mase on her day off... Can't wait to meet her next month Smile


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That was so cool of Jessi!

And angels, I love your story about the CM who is also a military wife. muchlove


Fellow Americans, I hear your tambourines inside my head and that's no lie!