Hooray! The time and place have been decided!

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Sammy Bizzle wrote:
I don't know about anyone else... But MNSSHP is my favorite Disney Holiday! It is sooooo fun for everyone! You see so many characters that you don't see everyday (lots of great villains) The decor is awesome and it's all about the fun side of Halloween! Your entire family will LOVE it!

I think it's my favorite too, although I do love MVMCP too. Welcome to the boards Sammy BTW! clapping

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I can't wait. Since I'm splurging and taking my niece, nephew, brother, sister in-law and my parents to Disney. My folks have offered to splurge on MNSSHP tickets for all of us. It'll be my first MNSSHP, and from what you all have told me, it probably won't be my last!