How did you choose your username?

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Mine not to creative i am an instrctor at the karate school i study at and cj are my initials


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These are all so awesome to read! I chose mine because twilight is my favorite "light" of day - what is referred to as the "blue hour" and blue is my favorite color - and sparrow for both Mr. Depp (and POC) and for it being associated with undying love, commitment, loyalty and freedom.


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My name is Dee, I love Disney and my birthday is on the 27th


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twilightsparrow wrote:
These are all so awesome to read! I chose mine because twilight is my favorite "light" of day - what is referred to as the "blue hour" and blue is my favorite color - and sparrow for both Mr. Depp (and POC) and for it being associated with undying love, commitment, loyalty and freedom.

I just love everything about this! muchlove Oh and have a WONDERFUL time in Disney!!!! yay yay yay yay

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For me, my username is something I've always had from most forums. I simply took my initials and my favorite number, which is 24 and made a simple but short username.


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I've been using mine for a long time now, Bryn is my pony who has been part of the family for 16 years now. When I bought him I did not known how to spell his name. Most usernames need to be more than 4 letters and he is so cute and cuddly he is my hunny bunny so Brinbunny it is.

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Admin gave me mine - super creative huh? wink

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Kristen K. wrote:
Admin gave me mine - super creative huh? wink

And all this time I thought you were the creative one. rolling rolling


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Well gee, pretty sure you can figure out mine, but Mike's is Luv Duffy sarcastic because my family HATES Duffy bear! Although, I don't think he has ever posted, he's on here a lot and keeps me posted when I'm not on for a while.



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My hobby is metal detecting/relic hunting, so on all the forums relating to the hobby, I went by GeoDiggerMike; Too many folks thought I was from Georgia, instead of short for geologist, which is my profession, so that changed to SELaMike, for Southeast Louisiana; Eventually I grew tired of that and went with LaMike, and again folks thought I was from Los Angeles (L.A.), so it transformed to LouisianaMike from there, which is what it is now...

So that's how I got my username awesome

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Alice is both our youngest cat and one of my favorite Disney characters. She was so scared of everything when she was a kitten that we nicknamed her Alicemouse because she spooked easier than a mouse.


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Mine is something my friends have called me for a while now... J of course for Jennifer. Med is the first 3 letter of my maiden name. Even married for the 2nd time now I still get called this. My new last name is pronounced "ho-terry" some very funny friends call me JHo but I refuse to adopt it officially laugh


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I've been a huge Rush fan since 1974..I even interviewed the band in 1977...( see photo ) So I picked mine from their last tour " Clockwork Angels " ...sorry about the upside picture..just click on it..

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I made a character on a forum RP site when I was about 12 names Nyx (means darkness in some obscure African dialect), and then when I joined a different site some years late the name Nyx was taken... So I just tossed an 'ess' on the end and BAM! My gamer tag has been the same ever since - and now it's the name I use on any site that'll let me.


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Have I answered this already? Probably. Who cares. This is why.

Just looked back at my first response over two years ago. Fourteen cats. Crying only six of the fourteen are left now. Miss them all. But we also have two new, young cats, currently 8 months and 4 years.

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My fam calls me PJ and this is my life. so PJsLife

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Mine was the nickname my DH's basketball buddies called him when he was younger and played basketball. Don't know why I chose that number though. Had it a long time wink

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Mine is a little's just my name Smile


Yes, that's me in the profile pic...kudos for guessing the movie...

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Mine is quite boring really.
Mr is because I am a Mister
Ferret because it's my middle name .


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Well, disney is obvious, and doc because I came back to Disney in celebration of a PhD - disneydoc!

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I used this name on another forum and wanted to keep it consistent.

When I made the account on the other forum, I just had Star Wars on the brain. I'm a Star Wars Girl, and I was born in 1995.

So that's how I got it Laughing out loud


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