How Much Do You Dislike Crowds?

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We don't do crowds. As a matter of fact, I will probably homeschool so that we can come and go as we please. But we generally try to get to the F&W / MNSSHP once a year and we like to go in January also. All to try to avoid the crowds and the worst humid heat.

I will never say never, but I enjoy the slower cooler times of year.



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In my opinion it just comes with the teritory. I often just lauh them off and plan my day around them. I do have friends though who feel very differntly. For that reason I have discovered that even a few solo Disney trips can be fun.

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A lot. For me, it's not worth going to Disney World to met with crowds everywhere and having to wait 2-3 hours in a line just for one ride when all the Fastpasses are out! And in the summer, considering how weak I am mentally from the heat and hot weather, it's not worth it in that case either. So for me, I never want or plan to go when the crowds are at its largest so no Christmas break, summer months or major holiday Disney trips for me! And heck no to those South American tour groups, too. I've read enough horror stories so I'm staying away in July and January!


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I don't mind crowds, but not too much of much as I know a theme park is meant to be crowded, it just means more delay, less space to walk in and difficulties seeing things clearly. I've been to the park twice during Spring Break time and during the Halloween season. That's probably as crowded as I'd like them to be - I don't think I'd have coped with the NYE crowding...I'd have found a corner to sulk in probably! haha!


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I usually go at the less busy times so crowds are not a problem



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I cannot stand crowds, no patience for them. Besides, I've always found the least crowded times of the year are also the least expensive times to go. And the weather is usually more favorable. What's not to love!


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I'm not horribly anti-crowd. (Then again, I live in the NYC suburbs. I've been to the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center, to the St. Patrick's Day parade, and to the Thanksgiving Day parade. Crowds come with the territory for all of those things.)

Now, of course I would prefer that they be BEHIND me on line. I don't want to spend my vacation on line, I want to spend it enjoying all that Disney has to offer. So we get to the parks at rope drop and are smart about what we do when.

But I enjoy chatting with people on line. I get a kick out of sharing experiences with people from all over the planet.

I'm a teacher married to a teacher, so we only go during the summer. Yes, it's crowded and hot-- it's Disney World in August. And I love it. And only ONCE have I waited more than 20 minutes for any ride (My first trip in 2008. I made a rookie mistake and got to DHS at noon, then waited 90 minutes for Toy Story Mania.) Honest-- 20 minutes max for any ride.


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Well all my 5 trips have been in July..Twice during Independence Day...I don't refer to it as crowds..Just people having a party..Yes the South American troups are in abundance but when we see them heading to an attraction we just go somewhere else and come back when there gone..Simples...

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I can't stand crowds. At all. (There. I said it.)

We unknowingly once visited during a quiet crowd level 2 or 3 week in November. Well, there was no turning back. That was the end of visiting during busy times for us! Nowadays, there are about four carefully targeted weeks of the year we'll visit, when the crowd levels are at the absolute lowest, around 1 or 2.


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I dislike non-moving crowds. Let's face it, I am short. When I get in a crowd all I see are butts and backs. My husband & I will go back to the hotel and nap, if I get overwhelmed.

The worst parts for me were the Halloween and Christmas Party. I just could not handle it.

We also will tour opposite the early opening, closing parks! (weird, I know).

I rarely feel overwhelmed in a queue line or the like. crossfingers