Lauren's Big Early 30th Birthday Trip Report (with Bob)

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lolastardust wrote:
danijrod wrote:
Really glad your continuing with your report yay

On a morning when you got the soymilk is readily available or did you have to ask for it? Just I can't drink normal milk and can only have soymilk?

That last photo is amazing

Thanks, sorry it's been a while coming, I've been suffering ill health as a result of pregnancy, but I'm on the mend now. The soy milk was readily available in the fridge at Riverside, though it is vanilla flavoured so it's very sweet! They also have chocolate. Better than nothing! xx mickey

Oh I hope your okay, sending well wishes. And ahh right I do like chocolate soy milk but never had vanilla. Thank you :)xx

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Day 8:
We had a slightly lazy morning, with coffee in our room, but had a sudden shock when all the power went off! We went out into the main hall, where we quickly learned that the power was out all over POR! I got another tattoo compliment, and we went to catch the bus to MK, where we wandered around some shops on Main Street.

We had a little while to kill until our Tinkerbell fastpass, which was nice in a way, as it allowed us to take our time and enjoy the quiet morning atmosphere.

We popped in to meet Tink. We were the first of the day! She was very enthusiastic and sparkly, but the meet was very quick, probably because she's got a lot of guests to get through.

We caught these dancing cast members on Main Street after we came out from meeting Tink.

Then we took a wander over to Tomorrowland, only to find Carousel of Progress was still down, so we whizzed round the People Mover instead.

I was kind of rocking an Elsa/Cinderella look that day.

By this point, we were both feeling pretty hungry, so we wandered over to Gaston's Tavern for some breakfast - humous and iced tea.

We spotted the Tremaines after breakfast, but they were just about to leave, so we went on to use our fastpasses at Princess Fairytale Hall. We met Rapunzel first.

And then Cinderella, who I matched with that day.

This was one of my very favourite trip photos! I felt like a proper princess that day in my lacy dress. Both princesses were really lovely to me and I was really glad we'd booked up to meet them, even though we were the only two lone adults in line! They both complimented my tattoos.

Then we went straight onto the carousel.

My face in the background is the best thing about this picture. I just kept looking it and laughing. After the carousel, we joined the line to meet the Fairy Godmother. I got a tattoo compliment (19) from the CM, who was telling us how much she loved her job.

Fairy Godmother was one of the sweetest characters I have ever met!

Of course, we rejoined the line straight after to meet the Tremaines, and I'm so glad I did, especially since I heard afterwards that they might not be coming back.

They spent ages looking at all my tattoos and I got a million compliments. They were so adorable.

This is Anastasia appreciating my arm tattoos.

She told me she was a cupcake like the one on my chest, and Drizella thought the bow on top of it was HER hairbow.

As you can see, they spent ages talking to me and it really meant a lot. This was one of the best meets I've ever done!

I love this one because everyone says I look like Cinderella in it.

There was no rest for the wicked, as now it was time to head straight back to Princess Fairytale Hall to meet Anna and Elsa.

After all those meets, we were both starving, so we went into Cosmic Ray's for a quick lunch. This is a good vegan option in a rush, because the veggie burgers are Malibu patties (vegan friendly), and they have a great toppings bar! We both got veggie burgers and fries with loads of toppings

After lunch, we made a quick stop on Main Street to get me a Vera Bradley bag (I'd always wanted one).

We completed a survey about our visit on the way out, then got the bus back to the resort for a nap and change.

This was the Christmas tree in our resort.

Freshened up, we went to get the bus to Epcot.

And took some silly selfies at the bus stop.

Epcot had changed since last time we were there, as it was now Christmas-themed, instead of Food & Wine, so we got some pictures.

We decided to try Mission Space - the green side as I get motion sickness.

I had to take a picture of the first woman in space!

Mission Space was good fun but I think I was right to go for the green side over orange.

Having done most of Future World, we headed over to World Showcase Lagoon. It was becoming really cloudy overhead.

We grabbed a couple of espressos, and I got tattoo compliment 22 from the CM on my Belle tattoo. She said Belle was her favourite.

Then the rain started and I insisted on wearing my super cool poncho.

We made a dash for Mexico to dry off.

And obviously we went on the boat ride. I always take a picture of this lady, I think.

We watched the end of the mariachi band's performance.

We wandered around the Mexico shops for a while, then went over to China. It was getting dark now.

We spotted Mulan, and did some shopping.

I took a picture of our respective birth years (I'm the tiger).

I bought this compact mirror for my Mum.

Then we headed over to Japan for our ADR at Tokyo Dining.

It was really nice in here!

We both ordered plum wine, and we got veggie sushi and steamed vegetables for two.

Our server was Kana from Osaka, and she was happy to make substitutions to accommodate our diet. It was very filling, but Bob found it a little heavy on the onion.

Then it was over to the UK in our ponchos for a traditional pint of holiday Stella.

We were served by Fiona from Durham, and it was nice to hear a British accent. Then we failed to find a dry spot for the fireworks, and settled on standing on the bridge between France and the UK.

This was a good spot to see the show.

I was very moved by the show, especially as we'd just found out about the attacks that had occurred in Paris. A few of our friends had contacted us in a panic thinking we were in Paris Disney, rather than Orlando, and were very reassured to hear we were safe! We decided to go look at the France pavilion, because Paris is so close to our hearts.

I love everything in this store.

I have a little chef Remy like this one that I got in Disneyland Paris!

We had extra magic hours, so we decided to do one last attraction, and we'd never seen O Canada, so we went over there. The CMs were very enthusiastic, and the show was good, but we were both knackered and damp, so we got the bus back to the resort to sleep.

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Day 9:
It was our last full day in the parks, and I was a little sad about that, even though I knew we'd be back at some point. At this point, we thought we'd be doing the Big Meet-Up in October, so that softened the blow slightly. Of course, we've since learned I'm pregnant, so WDW is off the menu till at least next year or later. Thankfully, we decided to book a wee bargain trip to DLP instead, and we're going there in just over a week!

We had a quick breakfast of fruit, and then got the bus to Animal Kingdom.

The Christmas decorations here were adorable.

I was feeling down about going home, so I bought some leopard Mickey ears. I got tattoo compliment 24 in the shop.

We went to use our fastpasses at Kali, and got completely soaked.

As you can see.

We cancelled our fastpasses for the rest of the day, as they weren't till much later and we didn't need them. And then we went to see Finding Nemo the Musical.

This was a really good show; I'm pleased we got a chance to see it.

After the show, we decided to go grab a Starbucks.

We spotted this guy on the way.

I got a new conservation pin because we donated to the charity again.

I got a tattoo compliment in line at Starbucks. Then we decided to get the bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge for our ADR at Sanaa.

It was really cool in here. They let us go outside and look at some animals while we waited.

A little girl in the lobby asked me to trade pins with her, so I swapped my Ariel for this Piglet. He's so cute.

Then it was time to head down to Sanaa.

Of course we ordered bread service. This is the vegan/gluten-free naan which came with all nine dips, but one had yoghurt in, so we just ate the remaining eight! There are no words for how delicious this was. The bread is super crispy and the dips are delicious. I see why everyone raves about Sanaa, and it means so much just being able to order from the main menu and get a really tasty vegan meal.

We also got a chaat plate.

For main, we shared okra, cashew and tomato stew, and lentil dahl. This whole meal was utterly delicious. I'd definitely go back again and again! Our server was Pedro, and he was amazing, very knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. After dinner, we got the bus back to the resort via AK. We did some packing, got changed and went to get the boat to Disney Springs.

I was Disneybounding as Marie for my last night.

We did lots of shopping, grabbing anything we'd still to buy, including a Star Wars t-shirt for me, Rapunzel and Figment Christmas decorations, and these Bianca and Bernard pins.

We also got this Haunted Mansion artwork.

Then we made a very important stop at Erin McKenna's for cupcakes! I love that everything is vegan here! The girl serving me recognised my Marie Disneybound, and I was very flattered! I chose a pink cupcake to match my outfit.

Mine was pink vanilla and chocolate; Bob's was chocolate and mint. They were both so yummy!

After cupcakes, we sat and chilled for a while, watching some flamenco guitar man.

Last night selfie!

We tried to check into our flight, but it wasn't working, so we just chilled, then got the bus to the Contemporary to meet Robyn and Sy at Bay Lake Tower!

Wow, it's so fancy here. We are on a value-moderate budget just now, but it's really nice to visit the deluxes and appreciate the luxury.

Robyn came and met us and took us up to Top of the World lounge. It was beautiful. We ordered ridiculously fancy cocktails as it was our last night! Bob got a Bahama Mama and I went for a Magical Star.

I'm obsessed with glowing ice cubes.

I got a cheeky restroom selfie. I like how my Marie tattoo (ankle) matched my outfit.

Robyn and I. Robyn and Sy are just as lovely in person as they are on the internet! We chatted for ages and found loads to talk about. Robyn and Sy's friends, Anna and Edwin soon came and joined us. They were really cool, and Anna liked my tattoos.

Then we went to watch Wishes from Top of the World. This was one of the most magical Disney experiences I've ever had. I know I say that a lot, but really, I'm so grateful to Robyn and Sy for offering us this opportunity, as I don't know if we will ever own DVC, though I like to remain hopeful.

The fireworks were just perfect from here.

Bob took a lot of pictures, sorry. This was a really perfect and fitting end to a magical trip. We ordered some more cocktails, talked for a long time, and then got the monorail to MK, and bus to POR. Although it was our last night, we didn't feel that down about it, as we knew we'd be back. That's the thing I love about Disney - it's never goodbye, it's always just 'until next time'. Even though we unfortunately won't be there this year, I don't mind because I know I'll soon be taking my baby on their first trip, and that is going to mean so much and be so special for us all. I pretty much knew that night that I'd be going on Disney holidays forever, and that the magic would never die.

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Day 10:
Somehow our last day had arrived, and I was a mixed bag of emotions. Of course I was sad to be going home, but I was also looking forward to uploading all our great pictures, and planning the next adventure.

We got all packed up and took some room photos.

Feeling sad, we walked to the main building and registered for the Magical Express, then we grabbed the suitcases from the room, tried and failed to check in for the flight again, checked out of the resort, and left our luggage with the bell service.

Rather than spending the last day rushing around the parks, we decided to have a quiet day, and we walked over to French Quarter for beignets.

We spotted this little lizard on the way.

And took some photos around POFQ.

Some of these decorations were sorta creepy.

See? Creepy.

We asked for vegan beignets. These are egg, dairy and gluten free, but you need to request them to be made that way.

These were so sugary and made so much mess, but it was absolutely worth it. They're really, really good and everyone should try them. We had a look in the shop.

Then we walked back to Riverside and went into the arcade.

Bob won at Pacman Smash.

I played on the hoops meant for children because I'm short.

Bob did the racing thing.

I like his pretty pink helmet. We also played Space Invaders and I won at that one.

Then we had a look in the shop.

Bob bought a Chewbacca pin. The whole day had an air of finality about it.

Then we walked up to have a look at the other buildings.

Then we opted to have one last cocktail by the pool. I got a Mango Margarita and Bob got a Captain's Mai Tai.

We were quite giggly from all the rum/tequila in the afternoon, and were feeling cheery after.

Then we met this guy.

Although we were still sort of full from beignets, we thought we'd better get a wee lunch to keep us going till the flight, so we grabbed a vegetable muffaletta from the food court. We asked what was in these, and they listed vegetables, and didn't mention cheese, so we ordered them, but they came with cheese and had to be sent back (sigh).

Eventually we got them without cheese. They weren't great. The bread goes soggy and they fall apart easily, but they'll do in a pinch.
Bob got me a souvenir penny with Eeyore on it out of a machine. Eeyore matched my mood that day, especially now the tequila had worn off!

We chilled at the resort for a while, changed into our jeans, and then it was time to get the Magical Express. We were both pretty bummed on the bus trip to the airport.

Checking in and going through security took a long time. I got tattoo compliment 28 (apparently) going through the full body scanner. We finally got on the plane, but there was a really heavy rainstorm and it took ages to take off. I fell asleep and when I woke up, we still hadn't moved! We had managed to change seats to sit together, and ended up in the exit seats with all the legroom (oh yeah!). After a two hour delay, we took off. I slept much of the way. Bob watched Cartoon Network. Dinner was something with aubergine and ratatouille. It was nice.

Vegan airplane food is ten times better than non-vegan airplane food, in my experience. I watched 'Me, Earl and the Dying Girl', but we landed before I saw the end and I still don't know if she dies! No spoilers please! Breakfast was bread, jam and a fruit cup. It wasn't a great flight, as there were lots of inconsiderate people, and someone had been sick in the toilet (ew!)

When we landed in Gatwick, we grabbed gingerbread lattes from Starbucks - one good thing about coming home is that we were just in time for the winter drinks range! The flight went quickly until right at the end when I suddenly urgently needed the loo and had to hold it for landing! We got our luggage, got a taxi back to our house, saw our kitty, and we were all done!

Thank you so much for reading everyone! I love writing these reports, and I'm sorry this one took longer than my others. Coming up next will be Disneyland Paris while pregnant, which should make for a fun read.

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Great trip report awesome
I love your Disney inspired dresses.


no ticker Sad

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Miss Mikki wrote:
Great trip report awesome
I love your Disney inspired dresses.

Thank you! I always try to incorporate a little bit of Disney into my outfits when I'm there, even if it's subtle. Laughing out loud xx

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Also thank you everyone for all the congratulatory messages. Laughing out loud xx

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I fell in love with those Haunted Mansion pictures when we were there in December! I want them all! Great trip report and have a blast in Paris! Can't wait to hear about it!

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great report Lauren! really loved reading along! can't wait to hear all about you DLP adventures!

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Thanks lovelies! So happy the report is finally finished haha. Buzzing for Paris - a week to go! Laughing out loud xx

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Great trip report! I loved following along on your adventure! muchlove I appreciate all the food photos and reviews you provide. I'm always so shocked at how limited the options are for vegetarian/vegans. My 15 year old is nuts for Zelda & Majoras Mask and would love your husbands ink. Smile Can't wait to read your DLP report. I went to DL when I was 6 month pregnant and had a blast. I'm sure you will too! mickey