Left or Right at Hollywood Studios?

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Right to TSM, my wife gets in line and I get fast passes so we can do it twice. We just roll with the day after that. Kids are older so we don't have to head to ToT or RnRC.

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clapping I go straight to Tower of Terror n Rocking Roller Coaster.... Then the classic Great Movie Ride..... clapping mickey

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This last trip we did just what you said, 6sixgees.

We've done TSM a couple times and certainly enjoyed the themeing and game play, but it's just not worth the hassle and wait.

In fact, on the last trip we didn't do half the stuff at HS and still had a great time.

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We always head straight for Toy Story Mania for fastpasses, and then we go to Tower of Terror and Rockin' Rollercoaster and catch some early-morning quick stand-by rides. After that, we'll probably fastpass Star Tours.


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The problem with DHS, is that Disney didn't realize how popular it would be when they first built it. It wasn't meant to be a full day theme park. Once they realized how many people were coming there, they quickly made plans to expand the park, hence the weird layout. The areas with RnRC and the Tower of Terror, as well as pixar place were added later.

As with just about everyone else, Toy Story Mania first then go from there

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I must agree on how popular HS has become! I find myself wanting to go there for a little while nearly every day I am in the World. I just LOVE the street entertainment folks - those Citizens of Hollywood crack me up. mickey


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We usually head straight to TSM to grab past passes... then we head over and ride either RR or ToT. We will wait and fast pass the other later. After that we wind up heading over to the muppets and great movie ride. We usually ride Star Tours while a Jedi Academy show is going on because the line seems to shrink as everyone watches the show.


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