Selfie Sticks

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Beyond belief!! haha!


Yes, that's me in the profile pic...kudos for guessing the movie...

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I don't recall ever seeing anybody using them but I sure am glad they can't now


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I think they are wrongly named, shouldn't they be called selfish sticks?


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In the last few hours, I've read several news reports stating that WDW is officially banning selfie sticks from the park very soon. I must say that I think this is still in the rumor category although it does seem that this rumor will be confirmed soon, if it hasn't already, by Disney. I included a link from that says Disney has confirmed that the sticks will be banned from the parks completely starting June 30.

Please oh please let this rumor be true! I got clotheslined by a selfie stick when we were there in May. I had a bruise on my neck for a few weeks. I will be thrilled if they get rid of these!!!

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Yeah, I heard the same thing from Attractions Magazine, as well. I consider Attractions Magazine to be a more reputable source but that's just me.

Anyway, it was overdue in my book and I'm glad those selfish sticks are a thing of the past. I also read an article that over at California Adventure, a selfie stick stopped the California Screamin' ride. Fortunately, no one was hurt but that incident may have been the last straw. So far, Disneyland in California hasn't said anything regarding a possible permanent selfie stick ban but I wouldn't be surprised if they followed in Disney World's footsteps.


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I think this is awesome!


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