The Ultimate Breakfast Treat..

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oldtink wrote:
I have to watch carb first thing in the day or I ravage food all day to make my insulin think it's balance. Buuuuuut, the bakery at MK is to die for (or it was ....will have to see now) and at the resort pastry offerings are sometimes sooooo good. So I stuff a cheese stick in there to help and pray for the next meal.

King Fergus - If I start on the booze in the AM I won't be making it to the PM!

Son and I tried Margarita in Epcot at about 10 Am on a very hot June day. Oh boy.....not good.


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King Fergus

I never touch adult drink until late on at night..Not a lover of drinking during day hours..Hence my DW will be keeping a close eye on me on our outgoing flight with Virgin as all the drink is FREE... clapping And being Scottish, the word free is a favourite of ours...

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I'm normally not a huge breakfast eater, although I do love breakfast foods! I have a minor obsession with waffles, so a mickey waffle is pretty much perfection to me. I had one at the Whispering Canyon last time we went that was HUGE and had candied pecans on top...delicious!
Also, a triple-grande soy latte from starbucks is my personal breakfast of champions. silly

I've never had the nutella waffle, but it is a definite must-try for me