What Disney Park Has Given You The Most Bad Experiences?

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I love to dust off old threads and see if they still have legs.

I agree with the person that said that most complaints are other guest, weather or other reasons.

Ours are usually illness. First trip my son gets swine flu and our first day in the parks was spent in the urgent care. Then 4 days in the hotel room.
Second trip I rode mission to mars and I felt awful the rest of the day. By the next day I had full on stomach flu. I could not leave the room even to get sprite at the food court for 3 days, on fourth day I was walking around every slowly. The 5th day J spent his last 4 days in the room with the same stomach flu. wE couldnt keep anything down and we were so sick . I know the people around us both sides and below us had to be complaining about the consent toilet flushes morning noon and night for 8 days. I can't remember ever being so miserable. 9 days there we had 2 days in the park the rest of the days in the room.

After we get back we find if we had only gone to the urgent care we would have felt better if we had had IV 's to rehydrate us sooner.
Again not Disneys fault but a rotten experience none the less.


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