Which of these describes your status?

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I voted as a DVC member but maybe planning to get more points down the road


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I think it might be an addiction. We have one contract, but now I want more! I want to stay better! Sure, it sounded good to stay in a studio for the 4 of us for as long as we are alive, then pass the DVC to the kids. If not for DVC, we would be staying in a standard room with 2 beds anyway. But now I want to go more often, all the time, I want to live there! A just can't do that on 160 points! laugh

DH is not on board. (YET!) Big smile



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I bought DVC in 2003 and added on three times since then. I have enough points. I'll probably buy my daughter some points for a wedding present.


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Voted dvc member and want to add more points when we bought we were on our honeymoon and could barely afford the 160 and now with a kid and hopefully more on the way, plus my new job gives me 4 weeks for vacation i can spend more time there


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