Best Spots to Relax at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom

We've all been there: that moment when you hit "vacation overload" when the crowds and noise and arguing kids have finally taken their toll and we just want a few minutes of peace and quiet. But where can you find these zones of respite at Disney World when you're surrounded by throngs of people, especially during the crazy holiday season?

Where do you chill out at the theme parks? Where do you chill out at the theme parks?

Never fear brave tourist, we have a few favorite spots where we like to take a few minutes to kick back, relax, and maybe even enjoy a favorite treat. Let's check out a few of the best spots to relax at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom.

Epcot is the one theme park at Walt Disney World where you really can find some quiet spots to chill out, even when it seems like the crowds are overwhelming. Some of these are out-of-the way but others are right in the middle of things.

Our favorite bench at The American AdventureOur favorite bench at The American Adventure

When you find yourself in the middle of World Showcase needing a break, we recommend stopping at the American Adventure pavilion. There are some great spots to sit and relax (and maybe enjoy a funnel cake). But our favorite spot is inside the pavilion's mansion.

Find a bench and listen to the Voices of Liberty and then take a 30 minute break while you watch The American Adventure.

Another one of our favorite spots to take a break is the Japan pavilion. The formal garden behind the pagoda gives you a sense of serenity with cascading waterfalls, footbridges, and the koi pond. And if you need a quick snack there's always something good to eat at the Katsura Grill.

Take a break in Japan!Take a break in Japan!

If you're looking for a grownup beverage while you're taking your break, head to the France pavilion and order a Grand Marnier Slush or Grey Goose Slush. And then sit and sip your drink while the world rushes by. It's guaranteed to make everything better in the world. If you need food to go with the drink we recommend a snack from Les Halles (the cheese plate pairs well with those grownup slushes).

If you want to chill out in Future World our first suggestion is to take a Friendship Boat from the World Showcase side. This is our favorite mode of transportation at Epcot and it really is a nice break.

Chill out in The Land pavilionChill out in The Land pavilion

Once you're back in Future World one of the best spots to relax is The Land pavilion. Get a snack at Sunshine Seasons, avoid the madness that is always happening near Soarin', and hop on Living with the Land. This is our ultimate relaxation attraction!

And finally, one of our other top spots in Epcot is the Fountain of Nations. Last year during a holiday vacation, we discovered that sipping a Starbucks next to the Fountain was a great way to unwind and prepare for the rest of our day at Epcot.

The Fountain of NationsThe Fountain of Nations

If you find yourself need a break at the Magic Kingdom there are a few favorite spots. One of our favorite spots is the quiet alley right off Main Street U.S.A., just past the Main Street Jewelers. Most people visit this spot to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom but it's also a great spot to enjoy a sweet treat from Starbucks while avoiding the chaos of Main Street.

You'll find a few tables scattered about or you can just sit on the curb. Be sure to look up at the windows as they feature names like all the windows on Main Street. And if you listen very closely you might hear the "lessons" happening inside the building.

A great spot to get away in the Magic KingdomA great spot to get away in the Magic Kingdom

Back in Fantasyland we like to stop at Gaston's Tavern for a LeFou's Brew and a cinnamon roll. It can be a bit crowded inside but if you're lucky enough to find a table, take it!

And in Tomorrowland we have two favorite "chill out" spots: the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover and Carousel of Progress. The PeopleMover is a nice 10-minute break for your feet, and it gives you a chance to see what the crowds are like in Tomorrowland and on Main Street. We recommend this attraction at night.

The view from the PeopleMoverThe view from the PeopleMover

Carousel of Progress is another favorite spot to recharge. If you can handle having the song stuck in your head all day (or until you ride it's a small world), it is ideal for zoning out for a few minutes. And your feet will thank you.

Those are just a few of our favorite spots to recharge at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. We'd love to hear your favorites. Leave us a comment and let us know where you recharge at these two theme parks.

Justin wrote on Tue, 11/29/2016 - 23:50:

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You called it w/ France. I like to go to the back corner, past the character meet-and-greet kinda along the Friendship boat canal. It's quiet and it's shaded. I don't think there are benches, but there are railings to lean on, and if you need a phone charge and have your charging cord, there are outlets in the shrubbery!

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