Disney Applies for Infrared Imaging Projection Patent

Disney Research has recently applied for a patent for an Infrared Imaging Projection, and according to the patent application, there are several uses for the technology.

The patent application talks about guest's use of digital cameras and smartphone cameras to take photos of attractions, especially the "after-ride" photos. Disney's application states that "countermeasures are needed to prevent the capturing of an image from a display monitor using an imaging device to obtain quality images of high value content." It appears from the application that this infrared imaging projection might be used in those "after-ride" photos by either flooding the digital camera sensor with infrared light, or perhaps projecting a copyright notice that would only be seen by the camera.

There are entertainment uses for this technology as well, and it seems a likely application for this technology would be in certain attractions around the parks and in one section the application specifically talks about "ghosts" and "tombstones" so we could imagine it might be used in the Haunted Mansion.

The patent application also mentions using the technology in a "gaming experience" and speaks to several of the more technical aspects of the gaming environment in which a player may "carry, wear or otherwise be co-located with one or more solid state imaging devices." The game could possibly include a scavenger hunt to find the infrared images, or the images could contain clues or directions given to the participant.

Disney has released no official word on how or where this Infrared Imaging Projection might be used, but it seems as if there are an abundance of possibilities for this to enhance the guest experience. If you want to read the entire patent application and make your own guesses, you can find the application here.

Story by Traci C., Source, Source

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