Escape to a World of Fairy Tales, Oompah Bands, and Beer in Epcot’s Germany Pavilion

Almost near the midway point in World Showcase, in between China and Italy, you'll find the Germany Pavilion and there's more to this pavilion than just beer and bratwurst. Let's take a short stroll through the land of fairy tales.

German Clocktower in the PlatzGerman Clocktower in the Platz

The pavilion itself was designed to look like a German town, but the architecture of the buildings is from various regions and different eras. The town Platz (town square) features a statue of St. George slaying the dragon, which is a favorite German theme. The statue at Epcot's Germany is modeled after the statue in Rothenburg. There's also a clock tower that features a glockenspiel that chimes every hour. Keep an ear open for the chimes and you'll see two small Hummel figurines come out of the clock.

The current pavilion doesn't have any sort of attraction - other than beer, food, wine, and shopping - but at one time there were plans for a boat ride. The "River Ride" would have put guests on a "cruise boat" for a simulated ride down the Rhine and other rivers in Germany. Guests on the ride would have seen simulated miniatures representing the culture and heritage of Germany's past and highlights from present-day Germany.

Saint George Slaying the DragonSaint George Slaying the Dragon

The ride was never more than plans on paper though, and now guests visiting Germany have to find other ways to immerse themselves into German culture.

One suggestion - visit the Biergarten. This table service location is nestled in the back of the pavilion and you'll actually walk through Sommerfest (the counter service location) on your way to the Biergarten.

Decrotive Knights Stand Guard Above The PlatzDecrotive Knights Stand Guard Above The Platz

Once you set foot inside the Biergarten, you'll feel as if you've been transported to an outside courtyard in Bavaria, complete with a full moon rising in the sky. The tables are communal tables - because you're at a party! - so be prepared to sit with strangers if your party has less than eight people in it.

A highlight of dining at the Biergarten is the Oompah band that is there to entertain diners with all kinds of musical instruments from bells to alpenhorns to cowbells. There's also a dance floor in front of the stage just in case you can't resist the urge to cut a rug to the alpehnhorns.

But most visitors are at the Biergarten for two things - beer and food. And there's plenty of both to go around. The food is an all-you-can eat buffet of German favorites including bratwurst, rotisserie chicken, schnitzel, salads, soups, breads (including pretzel rolls!), sauerkraut, and more. There's also a dessert buffet that features Bavarian cheesecake, apple strudel, and other sweets.

Biergarten EntranceBiergarten Entrance

The beer is flowing in the Biergarten, and if you're really thirsty you can order a liter of beer. That's right, I said a LITER of beer. Hope you're thirsty. There's also a German beer flight on the menu in addition to individual beer choices. Be sure to ask your server if you need help choosing.

For a great review of the Biergarten, visit our friends at the Disney Food Blog.

Traditional German Entertainers Perform All DayTraditional German Entertainers Perform All Day

After you've eaten your weight in sausage and schnitzel, there are plenty of shops in the pavilion to walk through while letting lunch digest. Kids will love Der Teddybar where they can find the perfect German toy or teddy bear, in addition to some Disney princess items. In Der Bucherwurm you'll find beer steins and glassware, while over in Kunstarbeit In Kristall you might find a great piece of German crystal. In Weinkeller, guests can take part in a wine tasting and walk away with a souvenir wine glass (for a charge).

One of the best souvenirs to bring home from Epcot has to be the pickle Christmas tree ornament. You can find this in Die Weihnachts Ecke where there is usually an entire tree decorated in the glass pickles. In Germany, pickle ornaments are very special and the finder of the ornament is said to receive extra gifts from St. Nicholas.

Traditional Clockwork To Take HomeTraditional Clockwork To Take Home

And if you're still hungry after lunch at Biergarten, make a stop at Karamell-Kuche where you can purchase incredible hand crafted caramel treats, including some of the best caramel corn you will ever eat.

Really Amazing Caramel CornReally Amazing Caramel Corn

Outside the main pavilion you'll find two special areas that kids - and adults - will love. On one side of the pavilion is Snow White's Wishing Well and that's where you'll find the meet-and-greet for Snow White. It's a charming location to meet the princess, but there's usually a line during busier times of the year, so be prepared to wait. And on the other side of the pavilion is a miniature German train village that is beautifully detailed and mesmerizing to watch.

Meet Snow White by The Wishing WellMeet Snow White by The Wishing Well

Germany is one of those pavilions that you might stop in for a few minutes and grab a drink and a huge (and very delicious) soft pretzel, but the next time you're at Epcot stop and stay for a while. Look at the detailed architecture, check out the train, and then eat some incredible German food.

Thanks again to Traci C., for this fun Guest Post and use of her images, as well as the Disney Food Blog for exclusive use of their images. Tell us " what is your favorite thing to do in Germany? Leave us a comment!

Barbara wrote on Mon, 10/14/2013 - 18:36:

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Very enjoyable place to pause and visit....

Kristen K. wrote on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 12:22:

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I always stop in to Karamell-Kuche and the Christmas store. I think I may try the Biergarten next time. My husband would probably love it.

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