Pandora - The World Of Avatar Day vs. Night

Disney fans put a lot of time and effort into their planning, to make sure that they can fit in as much as possible on their vacation. When it comes to timing, there are always questions of when to hit which area of the Park for the best effect. This disputed point is front and center no where more than at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Pandora - The World of Avatar. This new land is full of exciting things to see and do, with two prime attractions, creative entertainment, and intriguing foods.

Pandora - The World Of Avatar Day vs. NightPandora - The World Of Avatar Day vs. Night

Pandora By Day

The floating mountains are amazing, and during the day you really get a sense of how immense the landscape is. There's a majestic awe that can be felt while touring during the day. When I think about my first visit to Pandora the thing I remember most was being in awe of the scope.

Photo Ops - The scenery is really stunning in this alien land. During the day photo opportunities abound, be sure to get your picture in front of the Instagram famous moss wall. You'll find many PhotoPass photographers around the Valley to help capture your time off-world.

Visually Pandora is pretty busy during the day due to the pervasive use of organic materials. The "natural" setting is spectacular, and offers many fun daytime details such as the Sagittaria and other native creatures. Discovering the biodiversity that makes its home in the Mo'ara.

Daytime is best for a meet-up in Pandora, pick an easy to locate point, such as the drum circle or in front of Pago Pago before

Before the sun goes down you can see the Pandora Rangers in towering Pandora Utility Suits, an awe-inspiring piece of research equipment for sure. Due to safety concerns, you won't find these guys out after dark. Check the times guide in your MyDisneyExperience App if you want to catch the show.

Organic Materials Are Used EverywhereOrganic Materials Are Used Everywhere
The Stunning Landscape Is Massive In ScopeThe Stunning Landscape Is Massive In Scope
Native Flora During The DaytimeNative Flora During The Daytime

Pandora At Night

Pandora is dark at night - really dark. So much so that you should factor that in if you have small children who are afraid of the dark in your party, or adults who have difficulty with night vision. However the dark gives Disney the chance to draw your attention where they want it most by using soft light. Sculptures that I missed during the day because they blended in with the organic scenery were easy to spot once lit after dark.

After dark bioluminescence makes the forest glowfrom the path beneath your feet to the tops of the highest floating mountain. While the alien plants are fun to see during the day, their unique beauty is so much more magnificent when seen at night.

The sounds of Pandora at night work wonders in feeling like you have truly been transported to an otherworldly jungle. If you walk the path from Harambe to Pandora in the dark of night the difference become even more obvious as you shift from earthly sounds to those of an alien world.

Stand-by line times drop on Pandorian attractions while Rivers of Light is happening across the Park in Asia. There will still be a wait, but when lines are routinely over two hours, anything helps.

Photo Ops - With much of the area lit by blacklight, get creative after dark by wearing colors that will make you glow as well glow. That being said, if you don't have the right camera equipment and a steady hand, your photos of Pandora after dark may work best as modern art.

Floating Mountains After DarkFloating Mountains After Dark
Interesting Points Are Highlighted After DarkInteresting Points Are Highlighted After Dark
Night Photography Can Be InterestingNight Photography Can Be Interesting

Ultimately it's up to you to decide whether you prefer Pandora - The World of Avatar by day or by night. Both times of day offer a distinct exotic beauty that can't be found anywhere else. Both times offer great attractions and fun entertainment. My advice - book your Na'vi River Journey or Flights of Passage FastPass+ during sunset and enjoy the best of both without having to retrace your steps.

When do you prefer to visit Pandora? Leave a comment and share this world apart has captured you heart.

wdwizbest wrote on Mon, 06/03/2019 - 15:24:

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Definitely prefer it at night, we wished we had skipped Rivers of Light and spent the time in Pandora. It's also cooler at night. I'm hoping that when GE opens in August at least Pandora won't be as busy.

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