The Top Ten Most Spooky And Villainous Attractions at Walt Disney World

Happy Halloween! It's the most ghoulish day of the year and we're rounding up all the usual suspects for our list of the most villainous attractions at Walt Disney World. If you've got a love for the sinister and spectacular, with a bit of the creepy crawlies thrown in - be sure to make sure they're on your must do list!

Spooky And Villainous Attractions at Walt Disney WorldSpooky And Villainous Attractions at Walt Disney World

1. The Haunted Mansion - Magic Kingdom

The grand-daddy of Disney shrieks and creeks, ghosts and ghouls, no Halloween list of attractions would be complete without Disney's Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square. Climb aboard a doom buggie for a ghost guided tour of Gracy Manor. This Disney classic is a true fan favorite, so be sure to float by Memento Mori on your way out to pick up some swag.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean - Magic Kingdom

The scourge of the Caribbean has found a home deep in Adventureland where they can pillage, burn, and sing their way through the day. Beware though, for Dead Men Tell No Tales, and should you taking a wrong turn on your voyage may have you on the wrong side of the sea.

Blood Red Roses And the Conservatory ExteriorBlood Red Roses And the Conservatory Exterior

3. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom - Magic Kingdom

Go on a quest to battle the most dastardly villains in the Disney vault. Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom is an interactive card battle game that's story will unfold as you travel the Magic Kingdom completing virtual tasks. The Sorcerer's Recruiting Station located in the Firehouse on Main Street USA, and cast members will greet you and explain the game.

4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad After Dark - Magic Kingdom

Venture deep into an abandoned mine shaft and board a mysterious train waiting to take you on the wildest ride in the west. Riding after dark gives this coaster a whole new feeling as the creaking wood beams and the clicking of the track set a dire scene for a thrilling ride.

Recruiting and Training StationRecruiting and Training Station

5. Fantasmic! - Hollywood Studios

At night the lines between fantasy and reality blur in a dream world that seems real. Our hero Mickey's imagination creates an epic battle between the forces of good and evil. The fanciful reverie is a nightmare dominated by the most craven of Disney's Villains. Can our good hero emerge victorious? You'll have to draw on the power of your imagination and see for yourself.

6. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Hollywood Studios

It was a dark and stormy Halloween night in 1939. Five unlucky souls stepped into the elevator at the Hollywood Tower Hotel, never to be seen again. Today the hotel sits empty, cobwebs draping across the vintage decor, untouched since the mysterious accident. Do you dare ride the elevator? Will you survive the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror?

The queue area as you head toward the service elevatorsTake The Service Elevator At The Hollywood Tower

7. Jedi Training Academy: Trials of the Temple - Hollywood Studios

Under the tutelage of Master Jedi, new recruits learn how to use the Force to wield lightsabers. But the call of the Dark Side is strong, and students come face-to-face with their greatest fears - notorious Star Wars villains. The young padawan must use their newly learned skills to protect all those who have gathered, at the ends of the galaxy.

8. Kylo Ren Meet and Greet - Hollywood Studios

Not your run of the mill Character meet, the Kylo Ren experience seems darker and more foreboding than most. There are no smiles, high fives, and hugs on this space station, just the overwhelming power of the dark side. Perfectly in-character, and yet without uttering a word, this experience left my son and I a bit unsettled.

Kylo Ren Leaves An Unsettling ImpressionKylo Ren Leaves An Unsettling Impression

9. It's Tough To Be A Bug! - Animal Kingdom

If you're not a fan of all the things that creep and crawl through this world, It's Tough To Be A Bug may be the most frightening attraction in all of the vacation kingdom. Fantastic 3D movie effects, Audio-Animatronics figures, and in-theater 4D surprises make this show an underground adventure sure to make your skin crawl.

10. Expedition Everest After Dark - Animal Kingdom

Like Big Thunder Mountain in the Magic Kingdom, this coaster is even more fun when you ride it in the dark. There is something ominous about the way the wind howls across the forbidden mountain. Legends say that the land is protected by a great beast; smart travelers heed the warning, but the courageous find the thrill of a lifetime.

What are your favorite spooky and villainous attractions at Walt Disney World? Did yours make our list? Let us know if you feel we missed one!

wdwizbest wrote on Tue, 10/31/2017 - 19:53:

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Haunted Mansion has been my favorite for 36 yrs. I remember watching the Wonderful world of Color when I was a kid if they had an episode on Disneyland or WDW just to get glimpse of the HM. It's the very first ride I went on for my first trip to WDW in '81. It's one of the few rides that has been updated for the better, not just for political correctness sake.

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