Jolly Holiday: He Said/She Said Disney Reflections

A look at Disney World through the eyes of a couple experiencing the parks together.


Jolly Holiday: Disney Villains!

Welcome back to Jason and Caitie Flum, our resident newlyweds! Today, they're taking a he said / she said look at the Disney Villains!

Last column we talked about characters in the parks. That got us to thinking about some of our favorite characters in the movies, and what better place to start than the very characters that drive the action in most stories: the villains.

To Character or Not. That is the Question.

Our favorite newlyweds are back with more He Said/She Said, Disney-style!

Our last newlywed battle seemed to go pretty well, so we have found another Disney experience we disagree on to share with you! We will let the Pro side go first.

How to Compromise with Your Partner

This idea actually came form Annie on the board. We all love our significant others, or we wouldn't be with them, but they aren't perfect. No Jason, I love
you, but you aren't perfect, and I'm not either!

We have to deal with our partner's annoying tendencies every day in life, but
when you are on vacation, they can seem to be a little more annoying because you are just trying to take a break from the every day. Here is how we deal with a couple of the small ones.


Jason and I have VERY different touring styles and it can get annoying when we

Jolly Holiday: A Trip to Boma!

In today's column, Jason and Caitie -- our newlywed Disney fans -- have a love/hate discussion about a restaurant many of us know well... Boma in Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Why Disney Movies Work

What made the recent film, Tangled, work so well is what makes Disney movies in general work so well. Today, Jason and Caitie compare their thoughts on what top five film components make Disney features stand out from the crowd.

Why Disney Movies WorkWhy Disney Movies Work


Must Do and Won't Do

So far we've given you our background and our love of food, music, and movies. The one "big" aspect of Disney we haven't touched on yet is the parks themselves. In discussing what we would write about this week, several ideas were tossed about. How best to share our love of the parks? There is so much to discuss, to argue over, to dissect. We decided, as we did with the other topics, to start broadly.

His/Hers Disney Playlists

Husband and wife team Caitie and Jason Flum take a look at how different their his/hers Disney music playlists would look!

We are both huge music fans. Our musical collections are massive " it would take me nearly a month and a half straight through to listen to my entire ipod, let alone all the discs I have collecting dust in our basement that haven't made the transfer yet.

Jolly Holiday: Do You Choose The Same Restaurants As Your Partner?

Husband and wife team Caitie and Jason Flum take a look at just how different their dining choices are and consider the art of compromise in restaurant planning at Disney World!


Jolly Holiday: An Introduction

We have been members of the forum community for more than a year now. When we got married in August '09, we spent half our honeymoon in Disney World. One of the first things we did upon returning home was post our trip report to the site. We've been welcomed to the community with open arms, and both check the site on a daily basis.