Growth of Disney’s Theme Parks Means Stable Cash Flow for Company

The Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort is the most-visited theme park in the world.

Just last year the park logged 18.6 million visitors which was a growth of 6 percent over 2012. As a whole, the Disney theme parks around the world had more than 132 million visitors last year.

These numbers translate into cash flow for Disney. It has been estimated that the Disney theme parks in the United States account for close to 20 percent of the company's stock value and 25 percent of the company's revenue.

Four Seasons Hotel Opening Delayed Until 2014

Those guests looking to stay at the Four Seasons in Orlando will find themselves in for a bit of a wait. Reports now pinpoint the opening of the upscale hotel to be sometime in 2014.

A Four Seasons hotel in Orlando has been a topic since 2007 when the company announced plans to build near Walt Disney World. The original opening date of 2010 was pushed back due to the downturn in the economy. Now, the delay can be traced to the efforts to include the 445-room hotel as a central point for Golden Oak, a new Disney subdivision.

Disney Exec: Rising Gas Prices Won't Derail Economic Recovery

Filling up at the pumps certainly costs more these days and might even leave some consumers with a serious case of sticker shock. This past week, a top Disney executive said he doesn't expect the price of gas to adversely affect the number of theme park visitors.

A quote about rising gas prices from Chief Financial Officer for Disney, Joe Rasulo, from a conference earlier this week: "Historically, we have not seen that, in and of itself " separate from a downturn it might cause. In and of itself, oil prices have not dampened visitation or interest in visitation to our theme parks."