Go Nuts! Send a Coconut Postcard from Walt Disney World

We've talked about Postcards and the Art of Correspondence before, but if you're looking to buy a unique souvenir for a friend or family member the next time you're at Walt Disney World, go nuts! Don't just send any postcard, send a Coconut Postcard!

Souvenirs from Walt Disney World Create Touchstones for Memories

The sale of souvenirs at Walt Disney World can be a touchy subject. Some believe that Disney simply wants to separate you from even more of what's in your wallet. Fans on message boards plan and strategize to spend as little as possible on merchandise, sometimes even pre-purchasing souvenir at home and carrying them along in their luggage. The science of marketing and impulse purchases is well in play at the Disney Parks, but bringing home souvenirs is a time honored tradition that reaches back much further back into history.

Send A Digital Postcard From Epcot

Postcards may be the world's most popular collectible, but at Epcot you have the option of moving your correspondence into the future! At the end of the Spaceship Earth attraction, Siemens' Project Tomorrow gives you the opportunity to send a digital hello to the folks back home.