Ten Fast Facts About Liberty Square

It's almost time for America to celebrate another Independence Day, so I thought I thought we should kick off this most patriotic season with ten fast facts about the Magic Kingdom's very own Liberty Square.

Columbia Harbour House in the Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square

On a recent visit to the Magic Kingdom it was about 3 p.m. when I realized (1) I was starving and (2) I wasn't going to get anywhere near Casey's because Main Street was a mass of humanity thanks to the parade. As disappointed as I was to not be eating corn dog nuggets and fries with cheese, I had another less hectic location in mind. So, in an attempt to avoid the crowds my friend and I headed through the castle, walked past the very long lines at Peter Pan's Flight and it's a small world, turned the corner and then it hit us.

The Magic Kingdom's Liberty Belle Riverboat

Located in Liberty Square at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom you can find one of the more unique vessels in the Disney Fleet. An authentic steam powered stern mounted paddle wheeler ferrying guests along the Rivers of America named the Liberty Bell.