20 Questions Disney Style

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20 Questions Disney Style

How would you answer the following questions? Make sure your questions are disney-fied!

  1. Favorite Character
  2. Favorite Disney Movie
  3. Favorite Pixar Film
  4. Favorite Hero
  5. Favorite Heroine
  6. Favorite Kiss
  7. Favorite Love Song
  8. Favorite Prince
  9. Favorite Princess
  10. Favorite Quote
  11. Favorite Sequel
  12. Favorite Sidekick
  13. Favorite Song
  14. Favorite Theme Attraction
  15. Favorite Theme Park
  16. Favorite Theme Park Show
  17. Favorite Villain
  18. Least Favorite Song
  19. Movie That Makes You Cry
  20. Movie That Makes You Laugh
  21. Song that always gets stuck in your head
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Mine are kinda lame (and subject to change with the wind or based on mood) but here goes!

1. Favorite Character "Baymax!
2. Favorite Disney Movie " PoTC et al
3. Favorite Pixar Film " Toy Story et al
4. Favorite Hero " Milo Thatch! (who saw that coming? Ha! I love that movie)
5. Favorite Heroine - Merida
6. Favorite Kiss " I've never paid attention!
7. Favorite Love Song " none (call me non-romantic)
8. Favorite Prince - none
9. Favorite Princess - none
10. Favorite Quote - To Infinity & Beyond!
11. Favorite Sequel " Toy Story 2 et all
12. Favorite Sidekick " Olaf!
13. Favorite Song " Can You Feel The Love from Lion King
14. Favorite Theme Attraction " Haunted Mansion
15. Favorite Theme Park " Magic Kingdom!
16. Favorite Theme Park Show " Festival of the Lion King
17. Favorite Villain " Cruella. Or Malificent.
18. Least Favorite Song - Zip a Dee Doo Dah
19. Movie That Makes You Cry " Lion King (mainly because of the song Can You Feel the Love, which was beautifully sung at a cousin's wedding many years ago; she had cystic fibrosis and died a few months later, way too young. I think of her every single time I hear that song)
20. Movie That Makes You Laugh " Monsters, Inc.
21. Song that always gets stuck in your head " it's a small world, of course...hahaha! And now it's stuck again. Thanks Kristen gaah gaah

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1.Favorite Character- Goofy
2.Favorite Disney Movie- Tangled
3.Favorite Pixar Film- Toy Story
4.Favorite Hero- Flynn Rider ( does he count? He was more of a thief but he helped Rapunzel lol)
5.Favorite Heroine- Mulan
6.Favorite Kiss- don't really have one
7.Favorite Love Song- At Last I see the Light from Tangled
8.Favorite Prince- Eric
9.Favorite Princess- Rapunzel
10.Favorite Quote- "Stop blowing holes in my ship!" Captain Jack Sparrow
11.Favorite Sequel- Monster's University
12.Favorite Sidekick- Pascal!
13.Favorite Song- You're Welcome
14.Favorite Theme Attraction- Space Mountain
15.Favorite Theme Park- Magic Kingdom
16.Favorite Theme Park Show-Fantasmic
17.Favorite Villain- Gaston
18.Least Favorite Song- Whatever the song is called that they added to the Lion King. It wasn't on the VHS version then they added it to the DVD. So unnecessary.
19.Movie That Makes You Cry- Bambi
20.Movie That Makes You Laugh- Moana (Hei Hei kills me)
21.Song that always gets stuck in your head- Let it Go

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OK - here are mine!

  1. Favorite Character: Queen Elinor
  2. Favorite Disney Movie:
  3. Favorite Pixar Film: Monsters Inc.
  4. Favorite Hero: Walt Disney - he totally counts, right?
  5. Favorite Heroine: Tiana
  6. Favorite Kiss: Snow White being awoken
  7. Favorite Love Song: A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
  8. Favorite Prince: Phillip
  9. Favorite Princess: Moana
  10. Favorite Quote: "Why is the rum always gone?"
  11. Favorite Sequel: Pirates, pirates, and more pirates
  12. Favorite Sidekick: Baloo
  13. Favorite Song: Golden Dream (American Adventure)
  14. Favorite Theme Attraction: Indiana Jones Temple of the Forbidden Eye
  15. Favorite Theme Park: Disneyland
  16. Favorite Theme Park Show: Fantasmic!
  17. Favorite Villain: Ursala
  18. Least Favorite Song: Anything from Hunchback of Notre Dame
  19. Movie That Makes You Cry: Up
  20. Movie That Makes You Laugh: The Jungle Book (Animated)
  21. Song that always gets stuck in your head: Celebrate You (From the parade a couple of years ago)

Did you learn anything new about me from these?