20th Anniversary WDW Marathon results.

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20th Anniversary WDW Marathon results.

Our very own runDisney Blogger Sarah M just crossed the finish line of the 20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon!

yay Whoo hoo!! Way to go girl! We're so proud of you! yay

Running at Disney @RunningAtDisney
WDW Marathon: SARAH MCGOVERN - Finish in 6:55:13. Pace 15:50. Presented by RunDisney

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Way to go Sarah!

clapping clapping clapping clapping clapping


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Congratulations to Sarah! clapping clapping


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Yay Sarah!! How awesome!! yay clapping yay clapping


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yay yay yay Hooray Sarah! yay yay yay


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yay yay Way to go Sarah! yay yay

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Wow...thank you so much for all the love!! muchlove

This was by far the hardest thing I've every done in my life. It wasn't my best race, but I am so glad I finished. I wouldn't have done it anywhere but WDW mickey

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We spent the weekend there, it is an absolutely AMAZING experience seeing the marathon! Mike didn't run this year but he had 4 teacher friends who ran it. The incredible thing is that Disney is able to organize 25,000 runners along with even more spectators. We watched the winner finish then went into EPCOT and watched for a while near WS around mile 25. It was cool to see their faces as we cheered as they turned the corner and saw SS Earth, knowing the finish line is close - in EPCOT parking lot. I loved watching them run under the monorail and the monorail driver honked and everyone was waving down at them. It's so cool as they run through all the parks, I just love watching, knowing that I will always be a spectator! Unfortunately we could only catch one of Mikes friends, just too many runners. Mike spotted Mark from Off Kilter running, which was cool.
It inspired Mike to start training again, so hopefully I'll be watching for him next year!

Congratulations Sarah and all the runners!



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Congrats Sarah!

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Congrats! Great job!

My cousin's fiancee ran the half marathon too!

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I've been chatting with Sarah and she's got a "wrap up" post for us coming soon on the main page! In the mean time, if you're interested and inspired, be sure to check out her blog over at http://runningatdisney.com/

Here's our girl with her medal!

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Yay!!! Congratulations Lady!



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Congrats Sarah! I watched the marathoners running through HS and it made me jealous I only did the half.

Huge props to you! It was brutal out there! yay yay yay