25th Anniversary Glasses

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25th Anniversary Glasses

While looking for more Christmas decorations, I found a box with four Walt Disney World 25th Anniversary glasses from McDonalds.


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I remember those glasses!!!! I know I had the one with the birthday cake castle on it..where it is now one can only guess!


mickey Bella

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Very cool! Very cool!!!!! Wish I had something like that still.


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Those are awesome!


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I have 3 of the 4. Never got typhoon lagoon one.


Wishin' I was at WDW!

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Our first visit to WDW in 1997!

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OH MY GOSH!! I had the Epcot one! I just remembered that! ...I wonder if I can find it anywhere. I know my grandma didn't throw it away. She also got me all of those Disney glasses from McDonalds where each had a different movie. We ate a lot of McDonalds to get the complete set. I guess she just knew I would be a Disney freak one day. (or maybe she started it!) laugh