28 Days !!!

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28 Days !!!

Hello everyone!

I just got a "paid in full" on my Disney vacation! 28 more days!

We have the 3 meals a day plan. We don't eat that much, so I am planning on a good breakfast snack for lunch and a signature

However, I have notice much of the breakfast isn't worth the cost. So I have skipped breakfast on those days (one that don't have characters) and have a early lunch.

Does this work?


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Yes. When we the Disney Deluxe plan, we do what you originally planned ---- breakfast, snack for lunch, then signature for dinner. We were planning to eat somewhere for lunch (like Biergarten) then we would eat there early and make our signature dinner as late as possible.

Hope this helps


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I tend to play around with my points in that way frequently, using snacks for breakfast or lunch and an early dinner. Many time I do a big late breakfast 10:30 or 11am, snacks, and then a 5 pm signature dinner.