ADRs completed this morning!

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ADRs completed this morning!

Yay! 180 days today - and got all our ADRs complete online in 15 minutes before 7:00 am ET. We're boring traditionalists so our ADRs are:

- Wolfgang Puck Cafe (dinner)
- Cape May Clambake Buffet (dinner)
- via Napoli (lunch)
- California Grill (birthday dinner!)
- Yak & Yeti (lunch & mango pie! omg!!)
- The Wave (lunch)
- Le Cellier (lunch - I am not sold on the 2-credit value yet)

The online reservation system was very easy to use, and I was able to log in and make them all before the dining reservations line opened at 7:00 am ET. I think online you can start at 6:00 am.

Got everything I wanted for the times I wanted - horray! clapping

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congrats Glad to hear you got them all.


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is the online system new or something? it's the only way I've tried.. uh.. other than calling the Cast Member hotline

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You will be there eating them before you know it!!

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Yay Smile


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Awesome!!! Great reservations. So jealous

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Good deal!


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Those are all winners. Great job Jeff!

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It's happy dance time


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Yay! So exciting. The whole list is really good and I am glad to hear you got what you wanted. My ADR date is coming up in April and I was thinking of using the online reservation system, happy to know it's easy.


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Do you tend to eat in the dining room bit of Wolfgang Puck or the other bit?

I'm torn between making one for Wolfgang Puck or Via Napoli...or not at all.




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If it's nice we like to sit outside and people watch - it's a fun way to start our WDW stay mickey

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Fun! I'm so glad you're getting CG for your birthday. Gosh, your trip will be here before we know it!