Allie's Exhausting, Crazy, Super Fun October Trip Report

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I guess am with all the others...just love the Minnie Dress. And JMed you will love the F & W festival...if you are on the meal plan just remember to save your snacks so you can eat around the world (at the booths) for free..that is until your snacks run out. silly




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ha ha ha, my snacks would run out in no time... waiting


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Just caught up on this TR and it was amazing!!!!! I'm so pleased someone brought it back up its helped cure my Disney boredom waiting for my turn!!!!

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Thanks JMed and Amy! I love when this pops back up because it reminds me to read it again...such a fun trip! Making me really excited to head back in 79 days! muchlove

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I read the title and was like " did I miss something?! I thought she was going in September!" I get it now laugh