Any last minute tips or tricks?

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Any last minute tips or tricks?

We leave in 4 days! I'm quite excited!! Anyone have any tips or tricks, things that you don't normally think about but will make the trip just THAT much better??

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If you can, get to Magic Kingdom at least 15 minutes before park opening (and by that, I mean be AT the park, through the bag check and through the ticket turn-stall) so you can see the opening ceremony!

At Epcot, we found that if you go to the park entrance that's opposite the side of the parking lot you parked on, you will probably find a small line for bag check.

If you want to play Sorcerer of the MK, or just get the cards, and you find the line to be too long at the Firehouse recruiting station at the park entrance, go find the recruiting station that's by the Christmas Shoppe in FrontierLand. You'll see a sign for it on the left right as you cross the bridge into FrontierLand. It's behind the Christmas Shoppe. A CM can point you to it if you can't find it. Usually less people there because most people only see or know about the main entrance station.

Try a Mickey shaped soft pretzel!!

Have a blast!