April 2013 trip over laps for meet-ups.

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April 2013 trip over laps for meet-ups.

To all new members: Please enter your vacation dates in the "Who's going to Walt Disney World (or Disney Land)" thread or you will not be on these charts. Thank you.

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We will actually be around the 12th - 17th now. Sorry for the mess up. Havent had a chance to get on here and change the dates.


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Hi All....

Newbie on these forums, but I'm headed down solo from April 21st thru 25th and staying at Pop. Would love to meet up for a bite, show, aimlessly wandering. 39 year old female. Smile

No real plans except EMH at MK on the 21st and Epcot on the 22nd. Contemplating booking the Train tour at MK since I'm finally by myself and there's nobody to complain. clapping

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welcome to our wonderful world of Disney. Enjoy your time at the house of mouse and do those things that you've always wanted without others input!

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Mr. Hub, I am now coming down a day early - June 22!


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