Are Minnie Vans Feeling The Pandemic Pinch?

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Are Minnie Vans Feeling The Pandemic Pinch?

While the official word is still that the service is "Temporarily Unavailable" many rumors swirling around the internet this weekend are saying that Minnie Van Drivers were amongst those laid off at Walt Disney World. I could only track down the rumor to one source and it's not a source that routinely reports on rumor vs. fact, so take that as you may.

I could never get a Minnie Van when I wanted one and always ended up using the bus or a taxi anyhow. I know that many of you guys enjoyed the service though. If it is true, do you think it will be something they eventually bring back? Or do you think used car dealers will suddenly have a flood of red and white polka dot vehicles? laugh

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I have some friends that were drivers and they were let go.