Atractions and rides

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Atractions and rides

OK so hubby and I are officially booked! Pop Century 12/15-12/21. We've been looking over all the wonderful food recommendations everyone has given us and now are moving on to planning the itinerary for each park. In your opinion, what are the MUST see attractions (around Christmas time, preferably) and rides, too!



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Around Christmas time we just like to wander and look at the decorations. But assuming you want to ... you know... ride some stuff here are a few of my must-rides that are a little less common:

Muppet Vision 3-D
Tomorrowland Transportation Authority
Maharaja Jungle Trek & Pangani Forest Exploration Trail
The Mexico Pavilion Ride

I'll think of some more and I'm sure everyone will give you the greatest hits.

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I think this thread is a boo boo brad, she has another one with the same entry, just a different title.
Yup, her it is,