Aulani sales back on...with a 33% price increase!

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Aulani sales back on...with a 33% price increase!

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The Walt Disney Co. has been given permission to raise its fees by 33 percent for those who buy time shares at its new, $850 million resort in Hawaii, as the company attempts to fix a financial error that cost three Central Florida executives their jobs.

The approval, granted Thursday by Hawaiian state regulators, clears the way for Disney to resume time-share sales at Aulani, a massive hotel and time share that opened Aug. 29 west of Honolulu on the island of Oahu.,0,6790563.story

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Well, I suppose they had to do it. I don't quite understand how they're handling people who bought in prior to the mistake being determined. Did they just get a deal? How are these rates compared to DVC here at WDW? Really, I'm quite ignorant. I'd love to here more from our knowledgeable DVCers.


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From what I read Disney will be subsidizing the annual does for all of the members that purchased before the mistake was caught. They will see increases over the years, but it will be on the same percentage basis as the new dues with Disney "making up" the difference for them. It had to be done, and it's just one of those things you try to shrug off. DVC is going through some pretty big shake ups right now on several levels, but my Guide is excited and thinks that things will be better in the end.

Annual dues range from about $3.60 to about $6.40 per point depending on which resort you own at. Even with the 33% increase the Aulani dues still fall in this range.