The baggage you use for trips.

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The baggage you use for trips.

Here is a small tip I have for all of you.

If you leave you baggage in the garage, basement or attic please inspect it before you pack your belongings. Make sure there are no bugs or dust or anything on it. Don't just bring it out of hiding and start packing. Disinfecting them might be also a good idea if you can do that. I'm not claiming that any of you wonderful people are dirty or anything just a general tip that may help you all out.

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Good tip. I look my bags over every time I put them away & every time I pull them out of storage & I keep them in a closet in my spare room. When I'm looking my bags over I'm looking for rips, tears, excessively worn areas, missing zipper pulls, zippers that aren't working, items that somehow managed to escape being unpacked from the previous trip etc. Basically I'm checking the bag out to make sure it's empty & still in good enough condition to use for the trip I've pulled it out to use on.

To make it easier to spot my luggage at baggage claim last year when I bought new luggage I bought it in purple. I've also put bright neon pink handle wraps on all the grab handles of both suitcases. It's amazing how easy it is to spot a purple bag with neon pink handle wraps on the three grab handles among a sea of bags that are mostly black.

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Plus, who knows what kind of stuff you'll find from your last trip that you left in your suitcase!


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