Best Disney World Deluxe Resort

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Best Disney World Deluxe Resort

I like these ranking polls, so I thought we could rank the Deluxe resorts. Use your own criteria but then let us know why you ranked them the way you did. I'm going to rank them based on a combination of how badly I want to/like to stay there and value for the money. So for example, I REALLY want to stay at the Polynesian, but I feel like it's SO expensive, I'd probably rank the Contemporary higher. If I'm going to pay that much I'd like to be able to walk to the MK. Hopefully I'm remembering all the DVC resorts that are technically "Deluxes."

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Did I do that right? Probably not. In a nutshell, I listed the MK resorts first, with the Contemporary edging out the GF because the GF is the only deluxe I've actually stayed in. The Poly comes third. Then, I think it would be awesome to be within walking distance of Epcot. I accessed Epcot thru the walkway this past October after a tweet up at the Beach Club, and it was awesome! Finally, I love the others, but it really does come down to the convenience and, oh, I don't know, sexiness! - of being able to walk right up to a park. And with the Contemporary and the Poly, there's the history, of course. Thanks for a fun poll! I'll get better at them, I promise Smile


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I ranked them as follows:


I stayed in the Wilderness Lodge from November 30-December 8, 2005; the Beach Club December 7-12, 2006; and the Animal Kingdom Lodge December 11-16, 2007.


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I think the AKL is the only resort I'd put above the MK resorts, BUT I really enjoy Beach Club and Yacht Club. That easy access to Epcot is fantastic.

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Animal Kingdom Lodge (x)

Wilderness Lodge (x)

Contemporary (x)

Polynesian (x)

Yacht Club (x)

Grand Floridian (x)

Beach Club (x)

Boardwalk (x)

Old Key West (x)

Saratoga Springs (x)

I had to list the Lodges first -- they're so charming, even though the rooms are smaller than at other deluxes. Funny how many of us love those MK resorts even though the Epcot resorts are close to two parks!

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All of the deluxes are great in their own way, I think. Probably the Grand Floridian is actually the least appealing Deluxe to me. I'd like to go there, but not for the money. I'm surprised it's doing better than the Poly.

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My ranking is as follows. Mine is based on where I like to stay.

Saratoga Springs
Beach Club
Animal Kingdom Lodge
Wilderness Lodge*
Old Key West*
Yacht Club*
Contemporary*/Grand Floridian*

We have never stayed at the resorts marked with *. I would like to give The Wilderness Lodge and Old Key West a try sometime though. The last three I really do not have any interest in at all. I really could not make up my mind as to the order to place the Comtemporary and the Grand Flordian.

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Scrappy, I hear what you'r esayign about Contemporary and GF, although I have to say it's hard to beat being able to walk to the MK, so the Contempo gets some love from me. I can't really see why anyone would pick GF over Contempo, but I've never stayed there so what do I know. I really like both Yacht & Beach clubs too.

So basically my answer is: All of the Above