Best Exhibits at Innoventions

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Best Exhibits at Innoventions

I was reading the conversation about Storm Struck and was surprised to see most people thought it was pretty good. My general impressions of Innoventions has always been too much marketing, not enough interest. Which made me wonder, if someone was asking you what was worth seeing in there, which exhibits would you recommend?

We certainly know that SpaceAce would not recommend House of Innoventions.

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laugh Indeed!




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Innoventions definitely needs some work. Although I enjoyed Stormstruck, as I stated in my post, I don't think it is an attraction that one would go back and repeat too many times.

I remember back in the days of Communicore when I would enter and there would actually be crowds. Now, Innoventions is a place to cut through and escape the heat on the way to somewhere else.

I wish Disney would do some serious work on making Innoventions a place where people want to spend time again. Stormstruck is a start, but it definitely needs more.


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I would say that the introduction session to using the Segway was a lot of fun. We did that about a couple of years ago, and that was our first time on it. And the intro was free! So that to me is the best "exhibit" in Innoventions

After that, we felt that it was easy enough to use that we took the Segway tour around World Showcase. It was a blast and I highly recommend people to do it at least once (you also get a pin at the end of it). It was worth the money.



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