Blue Springs State Park in November??

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Blue Springs State Park in November??

I know that from November 15th they close the spring run and there is no swimming/kayaking in the Spring or Spring Run after that to protect the manatees and you are not allowed to try swim with the manatees at Blue Springs at any time.

So if we were to go early November, before the spring run is closed, when swimming and kayaking is still allowed will we see manatees? And even though the spring is meant to be at a steady temperature, do you think it would be too cold to swim comfortably at that time of year? DC has the same temperature water and recommends wetsuits.

Alternatively, if we were to go towards the end of November, when the spring run is closed, I believe you can still go kayaking up to the fence and I have seen a video of a few manatee approaching a man in a kayak at the fence line, he didn't do anything just sat and watched them and they swam out into the bit of the river where the kayaks are allowed. But any idea if he just got lucky seeing a few of them?

We don't want to disturb them or do anything we shouldn't but we would really love to see the manatees in their natural habitat and lots of other natural wildlife. Since DS really doesn't like swimming we think this might be a cheaper and better option than booking a swim with manatees, which might mean us taking it in turns to stay on the boat with DS if he refuses to get in the water.

Has anyone been to Blue Springs in November and would you recommend it with 3 young children (3yrs, 5yrs and 10yrs)? If we go for the swimming with manatees instead, I think I have chosen to go with Fun2Dive, that is the company that made me feel most comfortable about coping with the ages of the children.


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