Boat rental

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Boat rental

I recently had my first experience renting one of the motorboats at the Polynesian and had SO much fun!! yay You really can take that thing almost anywhere in Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake, giving you views of parts of Disney World you can't see from anywhere else. You can get up close to Discovery Island, go over the water bridge, check out the remains of River Country, etc. It's just plain interesting for all of us Disney nerds who love behind the scenes stuff. awesome


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The only problem I had with the boats is that as we were going across the water bridge, one of the ferries was coming through so I was paranoid to 'get over' out of its way. I of course got too far over and got caught in some rocks and the 'lifeguards' had to come get me out.

On the plus side they were quick to come help!

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One other drag about the little motorboats is that some of them are much slower than others. So if you get a "bad" one you either have to take it back or possibly be emasculated while your girlfriend zips in circles around you.

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Brad wrote:
or possibly be emasculated while your girlfriend zips in circles around you.

eek eek laugh




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We just did this and it was great! We went around Seven Seas Lagoon, over the water bridge, got right up next to River Country & Discovery Island and at one point, yes scrappy was doing circles around me. eek biggrin

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We love boat hire as its a way of slowing the pace a little and that one hour goes really slow!!
We've done bigger boats with three families and the two sweater for just us. As the kids get older they love to drive too
Need to try jet ski too - don't know cost but on my 'to do list'


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i did it from the Yacht Club. Next time from the Poly. Its great fun.


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