Bob Iger to Step Down in 2015

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Bob Iger to Step Down in 2015

Just saw that the company has announced when Bob Iger will step down. Wow! Thoughts? Who do you think should take his place? Looks like he plans to have a firm hand on his predecessor.


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I'm still reeling from Steve Jobs' death and now more Disney shake ups! It makes me want to head down for the shareholder meeting this year. I just don't know, I've been okay with how Iger has been doing, there are some things I don't care for, but in general I think he's been doing a fine job. I wish I knew who Roy Disney would want, I always voted with his guidance. I don't know who I would want to replace him, I just don't know.

My hope for the next CEO is that he (or she) is also a Disney fan. That they truly understand the weight of the legacy that's come before them and care about creating magic as well as making a profit. I hope that they treat parks & resorts with respect and foster new creativity in studios. I would love to see a little less "One Disney" when it comes to merchandise. I understand it on a financial level, but I think it ran off with some of the magic.

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Awe, sad face! I have to admit I haven't been keeping up much with Bob Iger and what he's been doing but all I know is that the Disney Company is still "Disney" so..good job! As long as Duffy the Bear doesn't take over for Mickey Mouse I'll be happy.


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I'm with you, Bella! Don't get the whole "Duffy" thing. Last time we went to Epcot, he was all over the place. My kids kept asking, "Who is that"? What happened to "Figment"?