Boma or Tusker House?

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Boma or Tusker House?

Day trip to AK on Sunday.

Boma is probably our favorite spot for breakfast, but we've never tried Tusker House. No kids this trip, so a character meal isn't necessarily a plus. I've read a few reviews that say the menus are similar. Is it worth it to have breakfast with The Duck or should we still head over to Boma?

Looks like slow season mean ADR isn't a factor - plenty of times left 3 days out.

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I haven't tried Boma. I did enjoy breakfast at Tusker House a couple of years ago. The characters were great.


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Tusker House is my Favorite Breakfast Smile


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We have done both. It is pretty much the same meal. Boma is a bit cheaper than Tusker House and a lot more relaxing meal. Less kids and noise. Tusker House is very big inside so they do often have tour groups. So, if you do not care about the characters, I would stick with Boma.

King Fergus

Boma for me..

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Boma breakfast for me...and their unique juice is wonderful.




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We've only done Tusker House (plan to do Boma in October). The food was good but it was really loud. If you're not interested in the characters ( Donald stays outside to take pictures before going in the restaurant. He doesn't come around to the tables), I'd got to Boma instead.

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I did love the zebra domes at Boma.


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I've only been to Tusker house, I loved every second of it, but as you all know I'm a big donald fan.

Food was really good, juice was great and the coffee was pretty good. Best bit is you can boom to be in the park an hour early. I like this option cause you get to walk past regular guests queuing at the entrance like a VIP. You can get to the safari ready for an early ride after your meal. With fast pass plus in place I would recommend an early Tusker house reservation and short wait on the safari and then book my FP+ reservations for Everest, rapids and dinosaur for the afternoon. This would give you hours to explore the animals and the park. Hope this helps.

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I usually do Boma (because that's where we stay) but I would love to give Tusker House a try because I have heard good things about it.