"Bonus" Shopping - Do you do it?

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"Bonus" Shopping - Do you do it?

I've noticed in recent years that the Disney Shops have been having some sort of "bonus" shopping event. Things like "Spend $50 and you can buy a Disney Suitcase for $20" or "Buy Two Beach Towels get the Special Towel for $5", there have been many, last month I think it was some sort of fuzzy blanket. I don't mind the specials so much, but it gets annoying to me when every single sales person gives you the up-sell spiel to get you to spend even more money. I have one bag that was a bonus piece, but I was looking for a beach bag anyhow, so I didn't feel like it was "extra" when I bought it.

How do you feel about these up-sell tactics? Does the bonus merchandise influences the way that you shop at Disney?

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It really doesn't impact me and my shopping habits. I usually spend the first visit to World of Disney scoping out what I might want, and seeing what bonus they are giving away.

Since I tend to buy everything from there all at once towards the end of our trip, I usually have no problem hitting the magic number to get the "bonus".

If it's something I want, I get it; if not, I don't. But if I know I want it, I will just make sure I wait to buy everything when I know I will hit that number (and usually alot more!) I thinK I have 3 of the bonus throws and a tote bag I got my Mom.

I don't recall getting bombarbed with the spiel last time we were there, though.

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It does not influence me either. I do not need any influence to shop lol. Like Jeff, if it something I like I will buy it, if not I do not. I have never felt any pressure to buy the item. Some of the totes and throws have been very nice over the years.

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There was one year where if you spent like 50 bucks or something, you could get a Mickey watch for like 10 bucks. I really liked the watch, and I did buy something a little extra to get to that 50 mark.... but thats been the only time. The other times we got stuff because we had already spent that amount... lol


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If I'm already at the required amount, I'll think about the "bonus buy," but I won't shop just to qualify for it.

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I won't buy extra just to reach the magic number. I did get a watch in November for $17 with a $40 purchase. I had no problem spending $40 (and then some) for the stuff I wanted to buy.


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Yesterday we went to DTD to try to find some stuff we wanted before we left. The only thing I was dying to have was the bonus blanket they have right now for $17. Its a fluffy throw with the castle on it. unfortunately, the more we looked at what money we had to spend, we realized we couldn't afford to spend the $40 to spend another $17. sad sad sad

We tried asking a manager if we could buy it without spending the $40. I know when I was a cast member, we were allowed to sell the 'bonus' stuff even if they didn't buy anything. But they've changed the system so that the bonus items can only be rang into the register if the total is the correct amount. sad sad sad

I am still bummed. My blanket that I use now is ripping because I've had it for so long, and I loved the design on that one. oh well, I guess I'll be waiting for the next throw that I love!

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I didn't have a single cast member try to upsale me. I spent over $40 about 3 or 4 times (eek!) and each time I meant to buy that blanket that Jessi was talking about and forgot. I finally remembered to ask for it the last time I bought something... so I can't say I dont like them because I was never asked about them, just saw the signs..


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We don't usually buy any of the bonus items and I can't remember anyone at DTD really pushing us. BUT, we went to our local Disney Store recently and I was offered to first sign up for the Disney credit card {have it}, then buy a reusable bag {have enough!} and then pre-order The Muppets {Which I already was getting!} all before she started to ring me out!