California Grill to close for refrubishing

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California Grill to close for refrubishing

Figured I would share this here cause there are so many of you that love the Cali Grill...hopefully this long closure doesn't interfere with your trip


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That is a long time. I knew it would be closed for our January trip, but I did not know it would still be closed for our June trip.

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Yep! We broke that news here back in February Smile

The interior redesign is supposed to be extensive, possibly even "moving" the elevators. The "new" elevators are actually already there, however they are covered with a wall at this point so you don't see them. In February the planning was still in the Blue Sky process so there were lots of rumors swirling as to what exactly would happen.

I'm really excited about the spruce up, I think it's due!